Friday, November 30, 2012

Noteworthy November + Cool Blogger Award

My most awaited month ever. Why? Simply because it's my birth month! When it's november, my princessing powers become more stronger, it was like "my wish is their command" as always. haha. Well, but it's not just really about my birthday..come let's see for more noteworthy dates. 

  • Nov 2 - All Soul's Day
Going back to Day 1, It's All Saint's Day, most of the people visit their departed loved ones at Oct 31 midnight until November 1. But for us, we usually go on November 2, its really the day for the souls.
There's just few people when we arrive. We stayed for almost 2 hours. This place is very airy and is sorrounded by mountains. A bit near in our farm and in Mystical Cave, Puting Bato.

  • Nov 11 - My Birthday
After November 2, Im counting the days. I feel a little bit happy, sad, confused and excited at the same time. Happy because another good year is about to come, Sad because i'm turning a year older, Confused because i really don't know what life has to offer me and Excited because im gonna have my cake. Hahaha! 
Here's what happened on my birthday. -->click<-- 
And to all my fellow bloggers who also had their birthday this month,
you are all truly special:

Pretty Hash
Fiel Kun
Astro Naughty

Just in case i forgotten to list someone who had his/her birthday this month, please do comment below so i can add your names. ^_^

  • Nov 13 - Too much sweetness
I really love anything sweet that's why a few days after my birthday i got a severe sore throat for almost a week. What's worse is that the doctor advise me to have a bland diet, no taste on all the foods at all! Awww. My sister jokingly tell me: "Wawa's like you're just eating to survive. bleh! hihihi" Tama nga naman diba? Who would want to eat tasteless foods?? As in no salt or anything at all. And oh, even softdrinks, juices, coffee and milk are not allowed. 
Bland and water diet for almost a week, im really glad i survive and still alive hehe.

  • Nov 28 - Lola Inay's supposed-to-be 92nd Birthday
We really miss her so much it's been two years since she passed away.  I can still remember those times that she always tells us the right things to do and the wrong doings we should avoid.
My lola might be very strict but she has a very loving heart and caring hands. >_<

Photo credit to its rightful owner

  • Nov 29 - Something Special
An ordinary day with an extraordinary somethingness in it. hihi. Oh, its my cousin's birthday, he visited at the house and brought some pancit he ordered. We bought a simple cake and i am really happy to eat tasteful foods after having that bland diet. What a relief. ^_*

  • Nov 30 - Bonifacio Day
 The bravery of Filipino heroes is also being recognized in the Philippines. In the 30th day of November, Filipinos celebrate the courage of Andres Bonifacio who fought against the Spaniards and was also recognized as the “Father of the Philippine Revolution,” and “father of the Katipunan.” -source

Most businesses and schools are closed, but many shops, malls, and recreational are open during Bonifacio Day. Nowadays, many people in Philippines observe Bonifacio Day as just another holiday. They use the holiday to stay at home and gather with family or go on a short vacation to various places of interest in Philippines. Yet, some Filipinos visit the monument of Andres Bonifacio and present flowers to express their gratitude of what Bonifacio had done to the country. -source


 Thank you very much Fiel Kun for giving me this award. I am truly grateful for considering me cool to you as a blogger.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch!

Anything memorable this November? Share them too!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Beautiful Affair

Photo source: from Google Images, belong to its respective owner
Leon (John Lloyd Cruz) is an architect who loses the will to live after his mother's death. In Vienna, he meets Gen (Bea Alonzo) a woman who suffers from a broken heart after finding out that her fiancée was cheating on her. Hoping to reclaim themselves and move on from their painful past, they venture to find love and romance. However, due to certain circumstances, they decide to part ways. A year later, fate brings them together again, but unbeknownst to Leon, Gen is already in love with another man who happens to be his adoptive brother, Edward (John Estrada) and is set to marry him.

The drama revolves around two lost souls who meet and fall in love in the city of Vienna in Austria.

This melodrama telenovela is just another story that tells us that finding love is the best thing anyone can ever have.  Especially when you are not both expecting to find each other, it turns out like magic, such a pleasant surprise.  That by any chance it makes you believe that it was fate that brought you together.  Love is so powerful - even through the hardest times, it makes everything feels so right, it makes us stronger when we're weak and most of all it gives us the reasons to live. But losing this someone can also give us the most painful heartbreak.

Love comes, love goes.

What if in the midst of it all, something came up that changed everything? For some reasons, you have to part ways and leave that forever behind.

Was it your fault because you become too weak to hold on or it was his/her fault because he/she was too strong to let you go? 

What if fate made your paths crossed again? Would you still believe that you were really meant for each other? That forever is really for both of you.

Forever does few lucky ones but not to everyone. And when love is true enough, that love stays forever in the heart even when the two people aren't together anymore. It never dies inside. it can be ignored for a long time but never will be forgotten. Too sad but true. We can never control the next pages of our love story, all we can do is to give our very best to make the relationship work out when we still have the chance.

"You have to go beyond romance, 
because romance is easy but true love is not."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 11: I wish a wish for 2013

2013 is just a month away. This isn't my New Year's Resolution yet, it's more about the things i should have done and/or haven't accomplished yet for the last years. somehow i wish i could. Sometimes no matter how obviously simple those things are, its seems so hard to fulfill. Anyway too much for the drama. hehe.

Lets start with....

 11. Disneyland Tour
Who doesn't want to go here? Of course everyone else does. I want Disneyland Paris. Too pricey, but i know for sure it's gonna be worth it.

10. Masteral's Degree
I should have enrolled before but a lot of things came up that cause the delay. Im still thinking twice at the moment if i really have to or
just continue doing what i really love to do - Designing. But if given a chance, i would like to take up Master in Business Education. Hopefully.

 9. Ice Skating once again
My first ice skating experience was at SM Megamall so many many years ago. I had a lot of fun times there and it's really sad when it was removed last 2009. Now, i want to try to skate at SM MOA, where it has a large, Olympic-sized skating rink. Way too cool!

 8. Photo Scrapbook
It's been a long time since i made a scrapbook. I  miss it so much so im thinking of making it next year. I usually make scrapping personalized stuffs for my loved ones as a gift or simply just showing them i care. Something worth keeping for.

7. Back to Polymer Claying
I started molding clay arts last 2010, i invest a lot on this addictive hobby. I even make own air-dry clay coz buying the clay itself is way too expensive. I even got the chance to sell it online but it didn't last that long. I'm not very good in promoting my items. hehehe. I stopped coz i realized im spending too much time and money on it, i also got busy with other things. And just this month, my nephew wanted to to do some Plants vs Zombies figures (he likes it so much) so i might as well make an air-dry clay for him and maybe try my luck in re-opening business. Yey!

6. Passion for Design
Years back, designing started out as a hobby when editing this and that was simply just for fun until it had become one of my sideline business. I specialize in graphic designs (invitation/tarp layouts, poster/flyers designs and the like) and a bit knowledge in web design. I stopped accepting projects since 2012 due to health reasons but hopefully i'll try to get back into designing next year. hire me, maybe? ^_^

 5. Major Major General Cleaning
Cleaning as in throwing everything that is not needed. We had an extension at the back of our house that seem to look like bodega where some unwanted things we still keep. What exactly are those? Hmm. Plastic bottles, empty cartons, tin cans, old newspapers, etc.


4. Memory Lane
I had thought of visiting back our old house where i grew up and those old familiar places that has been a part of me. Sounds nostalgic, huh?


3. Run a Family Business
Whatever it may be, we want something that will boom in the industry.

2. Travel around all SM supermall branches worldwide
It may sound pretty funny to others but this is one of the things i wanted to do. Just for fun and just because i love to shop a lot. It seems easy but those branches very far from my area may take a while before i can visit especially the ones outside the country.

From the 47 branches in the Philippines, to the 6 branches in China and 1 branch in Guam.
source: SM Supermalls
  I'm longing to complete this quest.  

1. Batanes Dream
Heaven on Earth

Eversince i watched CheChe Lazaro's documentary film in Batanes, i fell in love with the serenity of this place and had always wanted to go here, stay for a week or month maybe.

It's a place i can call, Paradise.

Have you planned for something you want to have? something to do? 
or maybe a place you want to go next year? 
Share them too!
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  Photos are copyrighted to their rightful owners. No infringement intended.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Amnesia Girl

"If i'll read our story backwards, it's about how i unbroke your heart and then we were happy until one day, you forgot me forever."

Well...but yeah, nobody ever forgot anything, not really, though sometimes they pretended, when it suited them.  Memories are permanent.  Sorrowful ones remained sad even with the passing of time.  Yet happy ones could never be re-created - not with the same joy.  Remembering bred its own peculiar sorrow.  It seemed so unfair, that time should render both sadness and happiness into a source of pain.

 Sometimes the littlest thing in life changes something forever and there will be times when you wish you can go back to how things used to be but you just can’t because things have changed so much.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

❤ 11.11.12: My Birthday Celebration ❤

"I'm 17 years old with 10 years of experience."
Months before my birthday, i am really excited and dreaming of how my celebration would be. Most of all, i'm so happy because i can choose the cake i want and whatever i wished for will be granted  Weeee.. But as months pass by, there's this sudden feeling that i wished i can pause the days and bring back last year and i will be Two and Tee Seeks again. But i know that life should be lived forward and not going backwards. In tagalog: "Wag tumandang paurong." hahaha. But i admit i still had that childishness that even my age adds up every year, i still feel young inside and...out? maybe.

Some sorts of problems come and go for the past months, some stayed for a moment so its feels like it cant be that "happy" birthday this year.  I worried too much that my day wont end up so perfect like last year, but i was really wrong. Because this is all what happened that day:

Woke up at 7:00am and attended Sunday Mass and Thanksgiving @ 9:00am. Off we go to One Oasis for the simple family celebration.
This surprisingly huge pizza was my birthday wish. Its simple but this is really what i wanted, Maiba naman. Pizza pics overload and its really a memorable birthday for me.  My mom ordered this 36" Hawaiian pizza at Calda Pizza Antipolo. Free delivery with free big umbrella. Their specialty is the CALDA flavor but i like the Hawaiian flavor. So maybe we will just try the other flavors next time.

I cooked my specialty: Siomai. My mom cooked pancit and fried chicken. Not too much handa. The cake from Red Ribbon was a gift from my aunt. It was really yummy! I love the icing so much that i eat everything that gave me a sore throat after and even until now.

Fun time and random stories with family are endless, i never thought we can have a lot of things to talk about.

I really didn't expect a lot of gifts to receive on this day because the family i have who loves and takes care of me everyday is more than enough for me and that God has given me another year is the gift itself.  Despite all the hardships, i still feel blessed and felt extreme happiness even just for a while.
Nightscape at One Oasis, this is my cousin's shot. The bracelets i love and my remembrance 
of 11.11.12 at 11.11pm with my long-time favorite game, Agent Dash. hehe.
So this is my dearest cat, Nafhu, who also joined me in my celebration. At first he doesn't want the party hat i made im putting over his head. he kept on meowing that almost sounded like "ayawww" until the time he gave up and do this poses for me. We love him as always. 
Again, i want to thank everyone. First of all, God for giving me another year; my family who loves me dearly; relatives, friends and clients who stopped by and sent their warm greetings thru calls, texts, emails and posts. It is all appreciated, you all made my day, happier, brighter and truly unforgettable.

"My life is not a fairytale.
I'm not a princess,
and my prince may never come.
But I'm perfectly happy 
with my crazy, weird, beautiful life 
just the way it is."

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bye Toe and Tee Seeks

 Getting a year older soon. awwww.

Last year's 11.11.11 was one of the happiest birthdays i had.
A simple celebration at Shakey's where we won an Ipad. Yey! it was so unbelievable at first since the promo is open to all Shakey's branches, the chance of winning is very little.
So then, i just got lucky.

Btw, we finally believed that the promo was real when we had already claimed the Ipad at Shakey's office. Haha. because it took months before we received the claim letter that made us think that it might not be true.

Well, thank you again Shakeys! For that very nice gift last year.


So little time, so much work to do.  I never thought there's so much more in life that i had been missing and those things i planned that was left undone. So frustrating for a bit.. I just hope as time pass by, i can do what needs to be done.  Archieviner's post does inspire me a lot and got me questioning myself as well......

...Why? What? When? Where? Whatever! 


Another year comes another list of wishes, so heres for this year. 2012 wishlist I don't really mean to get everything in my lists, most of them will remain as my wishes that some other day i can have. Well surprises are even better and sweeter than those which are expected. Right?

So for the mega over drama ending note to myself:
Bye 26 (Toe-and-Tee-Seeks)
I'll make the most of the days left coz i know i can never turn back time to have you again. Well, i still love you and the memories i had with you is truly unforgettable.
Thank you for the pasts that made me stronger, the present that is molding me into a more better person and may Success meets me in the near future.

Me Myself and I

"it's not the years in your life that count. 

It's the life in your years."

Monday, November 5, 2012

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