Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Aftershock

Time flies so fast when we enjoy what we do and seems too slow when we don't seem to enjoy what we do, we just wanted to pull the days faster hoping for something better to come our way.  July how could it be this way?

Warning: Obviously an extension of last month's rants.

Tangled up
A month wrapped in daunting turmoil.  I really cant believe how unpredictable life can be.  How one moment of happiness could turn into a chain of unstoppable dysphoria.  It scares me to death now to be so happy knowing in exchange of it would made me feel twice sad.  Most of people believe that, and i guess im one of them.  Somehow, i think it will still depend on how we accept and react to those chaotic situations.  But sometimes, we really cant help it to feel defeated.

Life's experiences are truly the best teacher anyone can have. We learn a lot from mistakes and wrongful actions.  Thus, hardship should not make us bitter but wiser enough to make the rightest decision for ourselves.  It's just really hard to accept the unacceptable truth even when both the heart and mind completely disagrees, still can't do anything but to acquiesce.

It just happens when it happens. I really have no fair choice to choose.  Either i devour my mind with fear or face the nightmare of reality. Both could be difficult to take anyway.

Lost Joy
I never see it coming, nor expected the possibility it would happen. Suddenly, boomed the heartbreaking decision then that's it. No luck, a lil bit of chance that actually means no matter how hard i try to insist, still gonna be rejected.  All that's left was the scattered fragments of what should have lasted for a long time, if only it was precious enough to keep. I guess not this time.

Better in time
Hope is something everyone can hold on to when everything else goes wrong and you feel that you have nothing. Bet if you have it, you'll have everything easier to take.  I guess it's all just a test of faith one must endure.  In the end, hoping that the pain and suffering would be all worth it. Honestly, much easier said than done.  Im quite confuse to comprehend in what i am saying though.  -_-

"It's hard to reveal your true emotions.  But it's harder to keep calm and swallow your own pain just to pretend that youre totally fine."

Friday, July 25, 2014

TOP 11: Effective Scar Home Remedies

Scars can be painless but it doesn't look really good on the skin. Scars caused by cuts, bites, scrapes, accidental mark, burns, acne and the like can be treated by the following scar removals that would be really effective with regular use.

11. Sebo de Macho
This the most common scar removal of all time. It does work for minor scar wounds especially when treated right after the wound is healed. Apply 3-4 times a day as needed.

10. Aspirin
Take 2 aspirins and crush them. Add a few drops of water to form a paste. Gradually, apply it on the scar.

9.  Vitamin E Gel Capsule
Vitamin E helps scars to disappear fast and reduces the look of scars. Break a capsule apart or pierce it with a pin. Use liquid from a Vitamin E capsule topically in the scar. Let it be dry for 10 minutes then apply vitamin e lotions if desired.

8.  Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is an exceptional scar treatment and it might work wonders for you. Apply it on the scars. It will not only help the scars to fade, but it also moisturizes the skin.

7.  Baking Soda
Mix 5 parts baking soda with 1 part water and stir until you form a paste. Massage this mixture onto scarred skin and allow the paste to dry for a minute. Rinse completely with warm water and repeat this process 2-3 times each week.

6.  Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a very effective natural remedy for removing scars. Apply twice daily.

5.  Aloe Vera leaf
Aloe Vera helps to reduce inflammation and raises the elasticity of scar tissue because aloe vera has moisturizing properties. Obtain fresh aloe vera from the plant or either a bottle of aloe vera gel. Apply liberally to the scar massaging into the area for 5-10 minutes. Repeat three times daily until the scar appears less visible.

4.  Honey
Honey works great in removing scars, You can apply it directly on the scars. You may also add sugar and lemon that will act as a scar removal and scrub in one. Leave for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

3.  Coconut Oil
Apply oil to the scarred area. This will reduce the scar and blemishes.

2.  Lemon Juice
Lemons contain citric acid that’s efficient for scar lightening. Clean scarred skin, dunk a cotton ball into lemon juice, then apply to the affected region. You can also directly rub the lemon slices onto the skin. Allow it to dry for 15-30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Tap dry. Apply a moisturizer such as shea or cocoa butter. Do it twice a day in two weeks time for faster results.

1.  Calamansi Extract
Calamansi is most commonly known to help lighten skin and it is always best to use for scars. Cut calamansi in halves, make sure to remove the seeds. Massage onto the scars for 5 minutes then leave it to dry for 30 minutes.  Rinse well. Repeat the process twice or thrice daily for best results.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond

When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt through, a hand held, a voice heard or a smile seen.

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time and distance. They only know it feels right to be with one another.

This is the reason why you miss someone so much, when they are not there - even if they are only in the very next room. Your soul only feels their absence - it doesn't realize the separation is temporary.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

PBO Special Movie Screening For A Cause: LUCY Starring Scarlett Johansson

A Fund Raising Event for the Benefit of SPED (Special Education) students of Pasig. 
See below for more details.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7

Starring:  Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, Park Shin-hye

Run time: 127 minutes

Movie Info: The film is a heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for accusation such kidnapping, sexual abuse, and murdering a police commissioner’s daughter. Lee Yong Gu (Ryu Seung Ryong) who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, and they help him see Ye Seung (Kal So Won), his daughter again by breaking her in.

"The miracle lies between the fun and emotion.."


I had been seeing this in my news feed lately that made me curious about it. So, one day i give it a try and watch via Youtube (no buffering, thank goodness!) At first, i thought it was a bit boring like other prison story movies. But as the film continues, I've got to control my emotions at some scenes that is really heart wrenching. Yet, i couldn't stop those tears, really. I never thought i could cry this much in just watching a movie. I do recommend this movie if you want something to watch that will touch your heart.  Be sure to watch it alone if you don’t want to be seen pathetically crying over a movie..like i did. (Been alone at home for quite some time, living in my own - It adds up to the sad feeling i quess)
It all started from a promise of giving Ye Seung a Sailor Moon-printed bag for her first day of school. There is only one stock left in the store, claiming that it will be for Ye Seung but his money is not yet enough to buy it. At that same moment, it has been bought for the police commissioner's daughter. It's not really because of the Sailor Moon bag but that it where the conflict arise.

One day, the police commissioner's daughter saw Lee Yong and told him that there was a store nearby that sells the Sailor Moon bag that he could buy for Ye Seung. So he followed the little girl. When this little girl accidentally slipped down and knocked her head in the cement, Lee Yong hurriedly came near trying all his best to revive the girl. He made CPR which made him look forcefully kissing the little girl. (A woman saw him and assumed it that way) When he wasn't getting any sign of breathing, Lee Yong unzip the little girl's pants pulling it down a bit for proper blood circulation purposes, they say. Also, pumping the little girl's chest adds up to the accusation that Lee Yong tried to rape the little girl and killed her at the same time.

See? assumptions are really bad. I mean, when you actually didn't see it with your own eyes, why judge someone easily? Also, sometimes, not all that we see are real enough to believe because the truth could be hidden somewhere else we couldn't see. It's for us to feel and give the benefit of the doubt for people we know or we don't know.

Back to the story, the policemen didn't investigate at all, they assumed it was the way they all what to think it is. They put Lee Yong in jail, forced him to admit the accusations or his daughter Ye Seung will be in danger. But before that, Lee Yong had gain friendship in Cell no. 7 which help him see Ye Seung again. 
 Ye Seung had stayed in the prison cell for about two days until the time they were caught.
 The most saddest, heart wrenching part of all.. It was indeed hard to say goodbye but sometimes it happens against your will. It's like if he could have been brave enough to stand for what is truly right then maybe there could still be a chance for them to be together. But Lee Yong had been psychologically intimidated and the Police Commissioner also threatened him at the time of his trial so he had no other choice but to accept the crime he never did. He was then sentenced to death.
Truly heartbreaking scene. I'm not about to tell the whole story..go watch if you haven't, it will surely strike you.

My Final Thoughts:

The movie shows the remarkable love between a father and daughter. Love is definitely stronger than anything. It can give us happiness and pain at the same time. It is also love that bring us back what had been lost in ourselves. I laughed my head off and the other moment tears rolled out of my eyes. A family, a court, redemptive drama rolled into one.

Korea has a lot of good drama to watch, and obviously this is one of those good movies. Like after you watch it you will then realize the reality in our society that it does happen most of the time. Imprisonment and death sentence to innocent people, especially those who are poor and can't afford to fight because they are being persuaded to accept falsity ideas of the crime they never done. In this life, justice is not something every innocent person gets, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maybe This Time

They belonged to each other for always; she understood now. The impulse which had first drawn them together again, in spite of reason, in spite of themselves almost, that deep-seated instinctive need that each had of the other, would never again let them go.

"Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need 
 ...to fall back together."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Skin Care: St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub Review

Hello everyone! Too much for the rantings last June, (that was just yesterday, i suppose) here's a left behind post which i finally got the time to finish. I maybe the last person in the blogosphere to make a review on this but still here goes...

St. Ives is a popular name in skin care brand due to its availability, fair price and quality.

I've used St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub for several years now and it's really great for exfoliation. It definitely works for me, amazingly effective - it leaves my face smooth and so refreshed.  It doesn't dry my skin and doesn't break me out ever. I must say, an all-natural exfoliant within the scrub itself. Though, those tiny grains can be irritating however, it may depend on your skin type.

Sometimes, i also use it as a body scrub, definitely gives me that smooth feeling as well.
No redness, whatsoever.

Product Description:
Exfoliates to help visibly tone and firm skin.  From America’s #1 scrub brand, this Apricot Scrub, with gentle alpha hydroxy, visibly tones and firms, revealing younger-looking skin.  Apricot contains powerful antioxidants that gently cleanse skin. Apricot oil in known to hydrate and nourish skin.

This scrub claims to be:
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Does not contain animal ingredients.
  • Formulated without parabens and pthalates.
  • Sulphate free.
  • Visibly tones and firms skin.

Directions For Use:
Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips and massage over face. Rinse with water.  Avoid direct contact with eyes. For best results, use 3 to 4 times per week. 

Some say it's too harsh for daily use,but i don't really mind using it everyday or whenever i need to. 

Php 219.75 or $5.50 (170g)
Available at all major malls (Watson, SM Dept Store/Supermarket's beauty section)

  • 100% natural exfoliants
  • Oil-free based Salicylic acid (2%)
  • Without parabens and phthalates
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Gentle facial scrub that really cleans and removes dead cells
  • Pleasant apricot scent
  • Available at any beauty stores and major malls
  • The tube is not sturdy enough, it breaks a little in both sides.
  • Other than that i can't say anything more bad about this product. 


Will I Repurchase?
Definitely YES.

Do I Recommend this product?
Yes give it a try, this is something like you really get what you paid for. For sensitive skin, give it a try by purchasing small tubes first.

Always remember, anything too much on our skin is bad so do exfoliate moderately.

                                                                                                                                    Till next.