Hello! Im
I am an ordinary girl with extraordinary visions and perceptions about life and anything that comes in between.

I'm a teacher by profession and a designer at heart. 

 A poet unwrapped.  I blog to express.  Writing makes me feel good like a music to my soul. A portal that frees the inner sense of my emotions. It is my forever passion. I may be so dramatic over certain things and i guess that makes me a drama princess and an emotera.

A certified bookworm. I enjoy reading adventure, fantasy and horror books (Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps and many more) I had a few collections, most of them i bought at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Booksale.  Reading saves me from boredom and a mere escape to the imaginary world from the real one.

I always believe in destiny and forever, but somehow that belief breaks into pieces, i realize it only happens in fairy tales and the thing is, we're all living in a real world. It may happen to some people, but not to everyone else.

A coffee addict. i stay couple of hours in a cafe during free times.  Starbucks is the best but i also like Figaro and Seattle's Best.  And oh btw, i prefer cold coffees, i rarely drink hot coffees. Why? because it make me perspire too much than usual.

I value trust so much. For me, it is the key to make all the forms of relationship last for a lifetime.

Colorful bracelets of any kind is one of my favorite. I usually buy whenever i go out especially when i travel. Sometimes i match it with the clothes I'm wearing but most of the time i don't seem to care at all.  I have lots and its all scattered in my closet.

I collect keychains, bottle caps, straw, chocolate wrappers, movie tickets and anything special for a souvenir.  Those junks that has a sentimental value to me (like a place I've been to, special moments) something like that.

Before and until now, I spend a lot buying scrapbook stuffs and anything that has to do with art and crafts. I mix traditional and digital scrapbooking for a much better outcome in my projects.  I want everything to be personalized by me.

Mostly, i prefer to watch cartoons rather than those adult movies. Yeah, too childish huh. One of my favorites are those from Disney Fairies, Barbie's Fairytopia, Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb.  I stay all day long in Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Hmm but as a grown-up, I like Comedy-Drama-Romance and Horror movies.

When going to the mall, its either im in the department store or the bookstore. I love going to the grocery as well.  The thought of getting plenty of things to fill my cart and  get shocked by the total price at the cashier was enjoyable for me. The good thing is im not the one who pays it, the bad thing is i got scolded after, hahaha. I go to tiangges too.  A lot of good stuffs to be found in there.  I am not a brand-conscious girl, as long as it looks good on me and fits me well then that's all right.

I crave a lot on Japanese, Chinese and Italian foods. 

I'm an impulsive buyer, when i come to like an item, i want to have it, i buy it regardless of the price and later on i feel like asking myself "how come i liked this thing.." haha. And the truth is, when i had enough budget to shop, i cant find anything nice to buy.  But when i don't have any to spend, that's where all the stuffs i like so much came out, aww too bad.

I want to travel. Short and long trips. To explore the world, see the wonders of nature, taste the exotic cuisines, walk into unfamiliar places, drive across unknown roads and take a lot of pictures with me. 


I'm pretty good at giving others an advice and help them out with their problems.  The irony of it is when i'm the one who got problems i'm so totally clueless and can't even think clearly what to tell myself.

 Everyone's body changed over time, becoming a gallery of scars, a canvas of experience, a testament to life and one's capacity to endure it.

Im glad you stumble upon my page. 
Leave some love. ^__^

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