Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty tip # 2: Instant facial and bodyscrub

Theres a lot of facial and bodyscrub products nowadays and we seem to forget that the more natural simpler way is using less chemicals..Though i use some stuffs like those branded items i also try other ways to keep me fit and flawless.. nice hahaha.. anyway heres what you'll need:
a box of baking soda

just mix it again but put only a little amount of water. Rub it on your body. It wont hurt as much coz the textures are rough but not that very rough.. you can also use it as a facial. Let it stand for a few minutes then when u wash up you can feel that soft feeling in your skin..

use this once every other day or once a week..
theres nothing wrong in trying something new thats more natural but if youre prone to allergies dont experiment ask the doctor first!

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