Friday, October 19, 2012

That so called Octopus Cut

I cant wait for my hair to grow longer, i really want this hairstyle...for a change. So i went to a salon near our place and showed style i want.

Me: I want this kind of hairstyle po.
Stylist: Ahhh....Octopus Cut!
Me: Huh? Whaaaaaat the??!...

The stylist advise me that it wont look exactly like in the picture because my hair isn't that long. Mine was in medium length but i really want a haircut so i insist to make a way, atleast he can make it look like that. Thinking twice i asked:

Me: Kaya po ba?
Stylist: Let's see..come with me.
Me: Awww.. deep inside i wanted to back out but i was too shy since i was the one who insist it in the first place so i followed him instead.

Im clueless thinking that it might be another palpak haircut. Huhu.

By the way, my stylist was a gay. Talking to him i was so confused how to call him.
Kuya ba? kaso baka naman maoffend. Ate kaya? kaso baka sabihin naman assuming ako masyado.
 Waaah. I asked his name. "Nora." So i just call him Miss Nora.  Right in the middle of our conversation i still mistakenly call him kuya or ate. hehehe.
So do i look?
Aww of course i wouldn't dare to cut my hair short again.
But guess what? I did have a boy haircut years ago - Coffee Prince fever
My shortest hair ever
This Koreanovela influenced me so much that i fell in love with Andie's boy haircut.  So do i look handsome too? hahaha.
When my hair is long i miss having a short hair, but when its short, i always wished it will grow long fast.
Weird! But i guess most of the girls go on through that kind of feeling.

Going back, this is what the Octopus cut looks like. Its more like a korean hairstyle commonly known as fashion mullet or scene hairstyle.
I like it so far so good im satisfied.  Having failed haircuts before, this is the first time ever that somebody does it right the way i wanted and expected it to be. Plus, the illusion of having a short hair sometimes is really fun!

Octopus Cut Tips:
  • The longer the hair, the better. Better keep your length.
  • Short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom. 
  • The top of you hair should be full and the bottom thinned out. 
  • The short layers should not be so short that it looks awkward.
  • Layered sideswept bangs. 
  • You want your layers to stand out from one another, not blended into one. 
  • Lastly, when you want a particular hairstyle dont expect too much to have it exactly the same on your hair, for we all have different hair types (thin, thick, wavy, straight and not so straight hair) so sometimes it might not really come out how you wanted it to be.

It doesn't really matter how the hairstyles are being called but it's on how you want your hair to look like after the haircut, right? ^_^


  1. Ah ayan naman pala ang octopus cut, haha! Bagay sayo..

    Naalala ko tuloy nun short hair pa ko, asar lang, hehe.

  2. bgay sayo yung buhok mo pumayat kaw tingnn :)

    1. hehe thank you din Josh. Inalam ko name mo kasi tinag kita sa blog award award..^_^

  3. ayun oh! sa wakas..octopus cut pala tawag dun hehehe...


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