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Discover Beauty: Viaje to Calaguas Island

The Calaguas is a group of islands in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands.

Amazing white sand and exceptionally wide beach - Calaguas Island
the new called island paradise.

 Boat rides make me really sick especially when already in the middle of the ocean. Those unwanted thoughts, what if there's a sudden big wave or what if the boat sink or maybe run out of gas - that mini heart attack coz i know i'll surely drown because i don't know how to swim. Mehehe. Anyway, I really love this shot more like this is what i call, the sky touches the sea. Isn't it?
 It's good to see boaters alongside, atleast we're not alone..yippee!
 I think this is part of another island or just a mountain view. I did not bother to ask the boatman. I just enjoyed the view anyway.
 After almost a two-hours boat ride, Calaguas Island came in to view. I suppressed my fears now that i am seeing land., trees and white sand! We will get there in just a few minutes. 
 Finally, off the boat! I felt so relieved. 
 This part of the island resort is still under construction.
We stayed at Waling-Waling Eco Village (more info at the end of the photo posts)
The Cabañas 
The Kubol (has a 2nd floor and own toilet)
Forget the towels hanging in there, this was just a stolen shot..muhaha!
Fixed Tents for rentals
I guess it cost around php200+ per night. (not so sure)
First come, first serve - better be early so you can pick a nice spot in here.
Wide stretch of powdery soft sand, an abundance of shady trees and mountain views..
 Almost sunset
They had fire dancing at night..atleast i think it was. Just a glimpse of it.
 This is really a nice place especially because they limit the visitors in this island. Not too crowded so you can fully savor tranquil moments in here.
Leaving would be the least thing i want to happen, but of course we have to.


So here's some helpful infos you might want to consider if you plan to visit Calaguas:


Manila to Paracale
Book a bus ride either Pasay or Cubao Superlines. (or any Bus line you prefer)
Fare is about P500 - P600+ for approximately 8 to 9 hours or even longer.

Boat Ride going to the island via Paracale is almost two hours.

If you are coming from Vinzons (Fish port going to Calaguas Island)
Boat Ride going to the island via Vinzons is more or less four hours.

Waling-Waling Eco Village (source:
Package (boat transport, food and cabaña lodging)
  • one night P2,675 per person
  • two nights P4,350 per person
Cabaña per night
  • 2 persons P2,000
  • 4 persons P3,000
Kubol per night
  • P6,000 maximum 6 persons
For reservations, visit:

  • Bring your own snack foods/drinks if you are on a tight budget. There are mini stores in the island but they sell a bit pricey, you wouldn't like to argue like saying: "P25 lang po yan sa bayan eh" then they will answered you back "Eh di dun ka bumili wag dito!" That was rude enough anyway just expect higher prices for any secluded place.
  • You can bring your own tent. But if you are on a package tour it is not really quite necessary unless you insist, there's no problem with it.
  • Extra money if you want to try Scuba Diving. There are lots of wonderful reefs down there, you wouldn't want to miss it.
  • You can bring your own goggles and snorkeling gears to save some money. Rentals might be a bit pricey too.
  • Expect deadspot zone for your phone signal. 
  • Make sure that all your gadgets/cameras are fully charged.

So there you go, I am so glad that my aunt let me go with her on this trip..that means it's a "all expenses paid" trip for me.  Till next! ^_^

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