Saturday, December 1, 2012

All i want for Christmas

Bear Wish: a pink bear partner, maybe? ^_^

Hello December!  
24 days to go before Christmas..yet i don't still have any gift lists for my family and friends. I haven't bought anything yet even for myself so here i am wishing what i want this Christmas.

Anyway, before anything else i would like to thank Kuia JonDmur and Phioxee  for tagging me in this
All i want for Christmas post edition. It took days for me to think what i really want. I really had a lot in mind - my needs and wants. Hmmm. Nga pala i want to share this a few days ago nakakatuwa kasi sunod sunod yung posts ng blogger friends ko..and i also got the ideas from them for my wishes hahaha.
cute ^_^

So now, let the 6+ wishes begin! 

On the very top of my list,  i wish happiness for my family that we will always be together. 

"Health is wealth." Having a good health is the most important thing for all of us.

 I really like this but too expensive. -_-

 Pre-order Memorata Shoes @ 4k plus. so lovely. Btw, my dearest Santa, I'm size 8!

Etude House Collection, so kawaii! I like almost everything from this store. 
So if you're planning to buy me anything here, I had a fair skin tone so just ask the EH lady what shades would suit my complexion best. hihi. I also love the most their powder, blush-ons and eyeliners.^_^

It really doesn't need to be expensive. Just as long as it's colorful and chic-looking,
it's very okay for me.

Additional wishes 

P.S. I also want Christmas Cards! ^_^
and emails too. ( 
Pagaya din kay sis Phioxee hehe.

Pinkline | Joanne | Superjaid | Phioxee | Fiel
Hehe. Thank you guys!

So there it goes.  
Hopefully somebody out there can grant my wishes...wishes..wishes..!
Should you need my address to deliver the lists below please don't hesitate to contact me via email. hahahaha.


 Now it's your turn!

The tag came with these simple rules:

1. Kindly use the same title and as well as the first second photo that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas tree above) in your post.

2. List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.

3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).

4. Send me the link so I could check it out too.

And im tagging:

Lady Myx of Myxilog
Nerza of Fashionerza
Milna of MilnaMania
Gracina of Colorful Bliss
Astro Naughty 
Pao Kun of To infinity and beyond!

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  1. ay! nakagawa kana pala nito ;-) na tag din kasi kita.

    feel ko din yung memorata shoes, Maria.

    1. Thank you for tagging me too!

      Yea its really nice. ^_^

    2. ...thanks Maria for dropping by at my blog. I'll find time in visiting your blogs again next time. I want to read Emotera's Notebook. I just leave you a comment for now and see you web page if I do have more free time. thanks :)

      Grace here :)
      P.S NICE background music huh...

    3. Thank you Grace ^_^

  2. ayus, meron ka na rin Wishlist :)

    Maria, two thumbs up ako sa Happiness and Good Health. Aside from material things ayan na ang pinaka da best na mahihiling natin for this Christmas! syempre mas mae-enjoy natin ng lubusan ang mga gifts natin kung meron tayo ng dalawang yan.

    at meron pa talagang this wishlist is made possible by copying the wishlist of my blogger friends. ang kulet :D

    wish ko din na matupad lahat ng nasa list mo for this year and happy christmas!

    1. Tama. Its the best 2 things we receive everyday (hindi lang sa Christmas season)

      Hehe yup ang hirap din kasi mag-isip ng wishes kaya mega-copy na yung iba. salamat anjan kayo at naunang magwish hihi.

      Thank you! Happy Christmas too.

  3. Praying for happiness and good health for you and your family, too. Yun iba mo pang wishes, sana matupad. :)

    Katuwa mga wishes na nabasa ko, karamihan talaga pink na item, cute!! :))

    1. Thank you Tal! uu nga uso ang pink hehehe. ^_^

  4. cute ng mga ginamit mong photos... natuwa naman ako kasi Happiness ang ang first wish mo... sana makuha mo na un...

    Goodluck sa mga wishes...

    Merry Merry Christmas ^__^

    1. Thank you! Goodluck din po sa wishes mo. ^_^

  5. Salamat po sa pag tag. :)

    Sana matupad lahat ng wishes mo, at... kagaya ng iba, hindi ka rin mahilig sa pink ano? :) HAHAH!

    More more Happiness and Good health! :D God bless! ^^

    1. Walang anuman, Pao. Hehehe uu nga uso ang pink!

      Godbless too! Thanks for visiting. ^_^

  6. Hahaha, ang kulet mo! Cute nun mga pink thing-ys! Kasama ka ba namin ni Arline sa Nababaliw sa Pink Club? Haha..

    Naaliw ako dun sa blogroll na sunod sunod na wishlist posts! Thank you kay Marge ng Coffeehan kasi pinauso nya to :)

    I pray for your happiness and good health! Sana matupad din yung ibang wishes mo

    1. yup dati na kong mahilig sa pink hindi lang maxadong halata. hahaha!

      ang cute nga kaya pi-nrint screen ko and helpful para mabuo ko tong wishlist ko hihi. Thanks din to you Marge.

      Thank you, same to you. ^_^

  7. wishing that all your wish come true:0 btw I love the shoes....hhahahaha! your in caymans island?

    1. Thank you.. Yes ive been in Cayman before, err planning to go back. ^_^

    2. Maria, let me know if makabalik ka doon. We'll meet if mapadpad kami doon one of these days. :)

    3. sure! where exactly? sa Grand Cayman kasi ako nagstay before. I haven't got the time to go the nearby islands - Cayman Brac and Little Cayman...-_-

  8. aliw naman yung sunod sunod na post ng all i want for christmas hehe!.. sobrang viral nitong tag post ni marge..

    tatlo na pala tayo sa Pink Club! haha..

    i'll pray for your happiness and good health and your family as well..

    sana may magbigay ng pink na bear saten!

    1. hehe Pink Club, ang saya!

      Thank you sis! oo nga sana may magbigay ^_^

  9. For sure, makuha mo ang mga wishes mo lalong lalo na ang #1 and #2. :)

    By the way, I saw a pic of you and Arline sa isang blogpost niya and you're both pretty. :)

  10. Thank you Lili! ^_^


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