Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walang Hanggan: Katerina and Daniel's Wedding

Fighting for love is worthwhile! 
Walang Hanggan‘s love story of Katerina and Daniel ends up in a very extravagant and expensive wedding costing more than P3 Million!  -entervrexworld

 Indeed, this is most beautiful wedding on television. What more can i say? The infinite love of two people is in the character of Katerina and Daniel that they surpassed all the troubles they had in their lives. Life may pull them apart but love puts them back together again.  They proved that true love still does exist.

 More than the wedding, I think people are wishing they have the same kind of love that Daniel and Katerina has. Here are some of the scenes. The Bonggacious Wedding ever aired on Philippine Television.

Two people, one love and a promise of eternity
and as we start our lives together,
We are faced with fears, worries and anxiety...
But i know our love is constant and unwavering despite any adversity...
Because in this world of uncertainty...
God has written our love story

It looks like a real wedding.
So the ring was just perfect.
"Dont say we're not right for each other, the way i see it, we're not meant for anyone else."
"Every lady deserves that kind of wedding like that of Katerina of  Walang Hanggan and of course, a groom just like Daniel."

Walang Hanggan cast

SPOILER: According to the news, two leading stars of this Teleserye will die. My guess, that was Katerina and Daniel.  Since it is "Pagmamahalan hanggang sa dulo ng Walang Hanggan" It could really be a tragic ending that may or may not disappoint the televiewers and fanatics.  Hmm? What do you think? Let's just see on their final episode on Wednesday. Dont miss it!!!

"Romantic Movies give you expectations that real life love can't live up to."

Note: Photos are credited to its rightful owners.


  1. So this is what the fuss is all about? Kala ko kung anong wedding yun nababasa ko sa fb e, hehe.. Night shift kasi ko kaya hindi ako updated sa mga palabas sa tv.. pero sana happy ending na lang, hehe..

    1. yeap sana nga happy ending kaso mukhang tragic ending to. hehe. lets see!

  2. Wow, nanonood ka din pala ng Walang Hanggan hehe ^_^

    Naku, my mom and I glued on the tv monitor last night while watching their phenomenal wedding.

    I am assuming that Daniel and Katerina will die on the series. Remember nung namatay ung light nung candle while the mass is ongoing? bad omen daw iyon, kahit in real life wedding, dapat daw talaga ay hindi mamatay ung light ng candle... but it doesn't necessarily means na death, kundi may bad things that is going to happen lang daw like, early divorce.

    1. U um mula pa nung nagsimula nanonood na kami..all the members of the family glued on the tv as well pag Walang Hanggan na. ^__^

      Yea its a bad omen na mamatayan ng kandila during the wedding so maybe it was really them yung mamamatay sa ending. We never know until tomorrow. hehehe!

  3. ganda ng ayos ng simbahan..i super love it!
    feeling ko si marco at emily yun kasi sa kanila nagsimula eh..hehe wala lang para maiba lang...

    sana after ng ending ng walang hanggan love story ko naman ang magsimula..hehehe...

    1. Oo nga sis nakakahinayang noh sana may totoong kinasal na lang hahaha.

      Pwede din sila marco at emily pero bet ko si katerina at daniel hihi.

      naku sis wag mo muna tapusin yun bacon love story mo para nmn kahit matapos ang Walang Hanggan may aabangan pa din ako. ^_^

  4. It Was So Wonderful and Great, I'm so happy with Daniel and Katerina

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