Friday, March 30, 2012

Marvelous March: Mommy @ 60

My sister and i wanted to give our mom a very special birthday when she turns at 60.. We really havent started anything yet since the 2nd week of February. It took us a while to find a budget-friendly venue to start with the plan. We look for catering, photo and video etc as well. Then after a long time of searching we found Villa Ronar Garden Resort and Hotel. At first, we were still hesitant - still looking for another option, But we knew we should also decide at once coz days are running so fast. So there, the venue was reserved on the 29th of March. Then next is the pictorial for the invitation and tarpaulin. Then, Mommy's gown and the souvenirs. It was really stressful but overwhelming at the same time. Its not that easy to plan a party especially when its our first time. we're really hands-on to every details. The program list for the 6 dances, wines and wishes, treasures, gifts, candles and surprises (we had a lot of revisions and believe me until during and after the party we are still revising the list hahaha) We also contact all Mommy's close friends and our family in Australia to asked their video messages as listed in our 6 surprises. Gladly, we had the videos in time.

Haggard weeks, what can i say. but we accomplished almost everything on the last week before the 29th. Until, the pick up date of Mommy's gown (march 25) finally arrived..we were excited, really. But it was postponed. So another day (march 26) still postponed. Were kinda bit nervous so we really insist to get it on March 27. Which really disappointed us with the result of the gown, it was not the one we expected, so very shocking. Well we were so mad, (you can imagine who will produce to have a gown overnight?!!!we waited for the gown we expected for almost 3 weeks!) we cant let the moment be ruined just like that, so we rushed again to Tutuban Mall. Gladly, we found a ready made simple gown that fits well to Mommy and we told the dressmaker the outcome we want and so far so good the dressmaker had a nice job, the gown was very elegant and stylish. 

The party turned out so well even with some unwanted outcomes. So heres some of it.
The materials we used for the invitation,souvenir boxes and table surnames

The Venue
The Pictorial Room

The Cake

The most awaited moment

ME and the backdraft i made

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February: Love Month

It has been a full month for me, memorable moments.  Wonder what are those? Well, reasons to be happy are moments that are left untold but i ought to share some..hihi. How can i forget 11? its my favorite number of course and a lot more. (*wink). 14, i was left alone at home but had the most sweetest valentine ever. My sister bring home 3 boxes of heart donuts and my nephew got me a pretty long rose. It's also infinity's birthday and it should really last. Two birthdays came as well, my aunt and my sister's. I prepared a little surprise for them and im glad it made them happy. I enjoyed the cakes so much, yummy!

My Aunt's theme was purple, as usual.

 My sister's was a hawaiian inspired theme. I made some crepe paper flowers and a flower crown.

Above that, i am also planning for my mom's 60th so i was kinda occupied. So long February..see you next @ 2013.