Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012

Hello everyone! Just a quick tour before 2012 comes to an end. There were good moments, heartbreaking moments and downright awesome moments..There's a lot of them and here's some unforgettable moments ever. This year brought really great memories, but surely 2013 will bring endless possibilities.

New Year's Day. We celebrated at the house. Just me, my mom and aunt - my sister and nephew is out of the country.

Valentine's Day. stayed at the house waaah.  My Aunt and Sister's Birthday. For my aunt i made a purple flowers since it was her favorite color. Then for my sister, a Hawaiian-themed party. Made the flowers from crepe papers.

My Mom's 60th Birthday. This is a very memorable day for all of us. The ever grandest party we had for my mom. More of the story HERE.

 Condo Furnishing. After few years, the unit is ready for occupancy. I enjoy much canvassing appliances and furnitures. It's like dressing up a new home. post HERE. During weekends when there's nowhere to go, we stay here but then this coming year, we will open it for lease.

  My Kulit Boy's Birthday. he celebrated at Jollibee, we chose Jollitown party package and mix Captain America theme with it. Family gathering.Fun times and yes also one of the happiest moments we had.

Rainy June. Just another lazy + rainy + emo month.  More HERE.

Google Friend Connect. I've been blogging for quite a long time but i dont really know well about this GFC thingy until July 2011 when i joined Blogs ng Pinoy - that's the time i noticed this GFC follow button hehe! So from i become more sociable and got to meet new friends.Never thought blogging could be this so much fun! ^_^

Hagupit ni Habagat. Who would not remember this disaster that hit Philippines? More HERE.

Completely Coco Martin: Meet and Greet. So this is one of the kilig moments weee. Got the chance to see him up close and a short chitchat with him. Also, this is the Coco Martin slaking month - before this event i've already saw him at a hospital while taping for Walang Hanggan somewhere in Quezon City then after that a closer encounter when we visit the Montenegro's house somewhere here near our place. hehe! Totally unbelievable month. 

Halloween + new friend. Boo Month! Enjoyed much the candies my nephew got from his Treat or Tricking in several malls. Also, i met Pinkline. More HERE.

My 11.11.12 Birthday. My princessing hours is too strong mehehe! A simple but very special celebration with my family. More HERE.

Christmas Day. Always the best time with the family. More HERE.

How was 2012 for you? Hope you all had a wonderful year..
Bye 2012, Hello 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rockin Red Christmas

Hello Everyone! How's your Christmas celebration? Hope everyone had fun time with their family and friends. I've been really busy for the past few days for the preparation of this season. It always happen that we do the grocery shopping a day before Christmas. See that crowd? It's so huge - as expected. (SM Supermarket) Seeing that bunch of people in the supermarket we didn't attempt to go inside, we knew it would take us too much time so we go and do the grocery shopping at Robinsons instead.

Here are Parols displayed the SM's parking area from Taytay, Cainta, Tanay, Binangonan, San Mateo and Baras. I dont know which parol won but i love the Cainta's parol - the yellowish around it is suman and landmarks in Cainta with Belen in the center.. Yey! Of course its my bet (tagadito eh haha)

Oh, heres the finished look of our Christmas tree.. pretty reddish right? Hehe! Honestly, i've been dreaming and wanting a Pink Christmas but since we just re-use our last year's decors there's no choice hihi! So postponed for this year, maybe next year i'll collect as early as i can some pinkish decors for our tree. Or if there's enough budget maybe buying a Pink Tree is really a dream come true..yey! So this year, Its red themed Christmas - obviously.

I wrapped the gifts on the 24th, very very busy as in, I am cramming like i was doing a lesson plan, a project maybe that has deadline and needs to be submitted at once. was really tagaktak-pawis moments as i rush wrapping the gifts because i also need to make desserts for Noche Buena.

We prepared Ham, Crispy Pata, Menudo, Lecheflan, Ube Halaya, Buko Salad, Refrigerated cake, Ice cream and mixed fresh fruits. Not too much handa since we're just few in the house.

No pictures of the foods - tamad mode. hihi!

After that shopping rush, we attended Christmas Eve's mass at the church in our subdivision at 7:30pm.

Two snowmen dropped by our house and celebrated with us, they brought a wine and said cheers last Christmas Eve..chos! hehehe.

After eating, we opened the gifts and took some pictures. Me and my sis - as usual has the same pair of top. (Long time ago when we were small kids my mom used to buy us same set of clothes that look us identical - even until now we continue that habit) Everytime we shop, there's always something that we buy in pairs - mostly clothes and shoes.

On the 25th, we attended Christ-mass in Antipolo Cathedral. The priest' homily is that the best gift we can ever give is to love one another as how Jesus has loved us too much that He died on the cross to save us. He also mentioned that the gifts under the tree or the foods in the table are nothing if there's no love in the family. Truly, Christmas is the best time to have quality time with our family and friends - reuniting with everyone.

After the mass, we headed to Filinvest, Marcos Highway to visit the featured house with bonggacious christmas lights. So there it was really nice in actual view. After 10 minutes or so, we drive off back to Antipolo for an overlooking city lights view before we go home.

 "Tis the season to eat plenty falalalalalalala!" 

My Holiday Season Formula

desserts indulgence + cheat diet = chubbyness - detoxify + fruits and veggie diet
 = back in shape for 2013 

 So that's what my Christmas 2012 is all about.. How about yours?

P.S. 2nd Batch of E-greetings.. Sorry it was too delayed hehe!

Forgive me guys for not visiting blogs lately..Too busy and too slow connection. (Like it would take 15 mins or more to load a page/website..awww.) Will be visiting soon and back read all your blogs as soon as this holiday rush ends.  

Till next!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decembering: Busy Bee

 Hello everyone! I'm still alive haha..just got been so busy for the past few weeks and for the coming weeks.. who else is not busy, anyway? Mehehe! Christmas is just a few days to go, are you guys excited?
 Me? I guess so! It will be our first Christmas together with my sister who was in abroad for almost 7 years. She does go home once a year or so but not exactly on Christmas season - we always have an advance celebration or via skype on the 25th, so this year is really really as in really special for us. Yey!

So there's our tree, not so ready yet for the most awaited day. Honestly, we don't really have the free time to put up the Christmas tree months before. So little time, so much things to do ang peg mehehe! Pity our Christmas tree waaaah.. Anyway, i'll post the Christmas tree's finished look on the 25th. Watch out for it and see the difference.



I am truly overwhelmed for the feedbacks of the SMP Blog Award i started last December 10. I enjoyed reading the answers of my awardees as well as following the other bloggers that was tagged. But since after a few days, i got busy and wasn't able to continuously follow other's SMP posts. Awww. so please if you were tagged by my awardees, kindly leave the link of your post - i would love to read your answers too as well as to be your blogger friend also. *wink*

And oh, I was requested by Lili to answer my own questions as well. That's so nice of you. I really thought i could pass on this hihi! anyway here are my answers:

Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?

-->Angelina Jolie - looking pretty and sexy all the time. haha.

You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?
-->Uhmm..maybe Cinderella's stepmother - i would like to try how to be really mean like making utos all the time. hehehe!
Aside from family, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?
-->Hmm..i guess that's passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers last 2007 and had been in the designing world for the past two years.

In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?
-->Christmas is giving love and quality time to our loved ones. It's the best gift we can ever give to them aside from the material gifts under the Christmas tree. Also, attending mass with the whole family as our gift to baby Jesus - since it was His birthday that we are celebrating.

 The Spirit of Christmas from others
I had copied some answers so let's hear it from them:

for me, the spirit of Christmas is not in giving or receiving gifts (pero baka isipin nio ayaw ko ng gift ha? tumatanggap p rin ako, masaya un eh... hehe!)...
     I believe, the true spirit lies with the special time you get to share Christmas with our family and friends... hindi naman natin mapagkakaila na mahirap mapagtugma-tugma ung mga schedule ng mga tao dahil sa kanya-kanyang mga trabaho o kung anumang pinagkakaabalahan... pero iba ang Pasko eh, eto ung time na tlgang pipilitin o gagawin ang lahat ng makakaya para makapiling mo ung mga taong importante sa buhay mo... may regalo o wala, basta makasama mo sila, pak na pak na un! bonus na lang naman tlg ung gifts eh! 

Siguro ang Pasko para sa akin yung pagbibigayan. Hindi dahil sa binigyan ka ng regalo eh naoobliga ka na rin na magbigay. Yung pagbibigayan na taos sa puso. Yung gusto mong magpasaya ng kapwa. Sa maliit o malaking paraan. Yun ang diwa ng Pasko para sa akin. Isa pa, ang pagkakasundo. Sa tuwing Pasko ay kinakalimutan muna ang mga away at sama samang nagdiriwang. Korni man ang pananaw ko pero ito ang gusto ng Diyos para sa ating lahat. Pagkakaisa.  - FREETOPLAY

Christmas is love. ♥ - TALINGGAW

Christmas is the ideal season - where we all want and strive for peace. Because I believe that where there is peace, we feel loving, happy, festive, we want to share. I hope we feel the spirit of Christmas not only on Christmas time, but every day. So that is the spirit of Christmas for me, it is filled with peace :) - ZAIZAI

Christmas is all about our love for Jesus Christ na ine-extend natin sa family and friends at sa lahat. It's about sharing and giving and not expecting for anything in return. - JOANNE

Kapayapaan! :) Pagiging kuntento sa puso ng bawat isa. Pag bibigayan, pagmamahalan at pakikipag-ayos sa mga taong medyo naging malayo ang loob sayo. :)

 Para sakin hindi ito panahon para sa mga kalandian  pagkainlab (na tipong malaPBB teens)! And actually, may napatulan nga akong picture/mensahe na nakita ko sa newsfeed ko... at eto yun: - PAOKUN

   Spirit of Christmas para sa akin ito yung time na nagmamahalan yung mga tao sa isa't isa. kahit na kaaway mo man sya o karibal sa pag-ibig. - CYRON

Christmas is salvation, coz a Saviour was born. A new beginning! Love!- JOY

Family, giving, loving and remembering the birthday of our dear saviour, Jesus Christ. - PINKLINE

Forgive me if i haven't copied everything, there's too many off them and i might have not viewed your SMP post yet - so please again if you've been tagged kindly leave the links below.



Something unusual happened to my site last December 11 (The webfont looks smaller in my view than it was before) i tried to fix what had gone wrong before writing another post but i got busy so i just don't mind as of the moment. I'll try to fix it next time, restoring and changing my layout will be my last resort. Awwww.



I was expecting to be flooded with lots of emails for this free e-gift but i was wrong. Only 4 people emailed me. haha! but i was still thankful because i really really got busy for the past few days that i dont even have time to post anything, bloghop and leave comments as well. So if it's that plenty i might not accommodate it all.. I really feel like i missed a lot in the blogosphere. Huhuhu. Mostly, i do this in my free minutes to relax over loads of paperworks. So there, this e-gift is just a simple something for you guys so i hope you really didn't expect too much weee. Btw, I also added other bloggers that i know and remember their names and blog without checking my blogger reading list..Wee! And so i've come up into 15 people. (including the 4 people that emailed me) For those added in the list, kindly click the image below to get your e-gift greetings..For those who aren't,  you can still request. ^_^


Every night before i sleep, i make bead bracelets for myself..this is something that tires me out at the same time makes me happy each time i finish a bracelet. I had a lot of bead stocks i bought from Wellmanson months ago. It's really fun to shop there and im kinda missing it..never been back there. -_-

Im also planning to give some of this beadworks this Christmas to my mom, sister and aunt.
 Hoping that i can also share this to all whoever wants a bead bracelet time maybe?

So there, I would visit other blogs when i had so much time to do so. I know everybody is really turning busy as Christmas is just a few days away.

Have a magical Christmas everyone, God Bless all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12

Short post: Just because it's 12.12.12 - i don't wanna miss it hehe.

 God wants you to know that today you should take a vacation from worries.
Take this moment to conjure up a fond memory. A time in your life when you were content and happy. Dwell on that moment for a while, let those feelings of contentment permeate your soul. Today is a good day to be content, so take a vacation from your worries.
tumblr images
source: Tumblr
Now trending in twitter. So what's it all about? A lot of people say it is a lucky day. It is the last sequential date any of us will ever see.. 
do something memorable today - it's now or never again.

Also, today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Let's all be thankful for all the blessings that we have received.

Got to go to church later. ^_^

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beef Empanada ala Maria

For the past few days, all i can think of is food.. food.. fooood..! Well, this may also be an aftershock effect of my bland diet few weeks ago. Trying to sound reasonable - blame that hateful diet again. mehehe! So because of that there i was in the kitchen again - looking up and down, left and right wondering what can i  cook from the available stocks we had to satisfy my cravings. After two hours of preparation, i came up with Beef Empanada ala Maria! Yey! How i love the name hihi.


 So here are the ingredients needed.

and here's how to make the Beef Empanada ala Maria:


  1. Saute garlic and onion in oil.
  2. Add the ground beef, cook until half done.
  3. Add the potatoes, carrots and dry peas.
  4. Pour seasoning and let it simmer until done.


  1. Sift the flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl.
  2. Cut in the butter until the particles are pea-sized.
  3. Add cold water little by little while tossing mixture with a fork untril thoroughly moistened.
  4. From dough into a ball, flatten it out into a clean flat plate or wax paper.

 It's easy to make using an Empanada cutter. 

  1. Form a ball and then flatten it out.
  2. Once you get the desired size you want, put it over the cutter shaper.
  3. Put a teaspoonful of the filling on the center.
  4. Then close the cutter to form the shape.
  5. Press down for 30 seconds before opening it.
  6. Remove the excess dough, if desired.

But in case, you don't have a an Empanada cutter, dont bother much. You can still make it with the help of your hands! Just make sure to wash your hands first mehehe.

  1. Form a ball and then flatten it out.
  2. Once you get the desired size you want, put a teaspoonful of the filling on the side.
  3. Then wrap it together to close it. Then that's it! Easy right?

 Yey! Here's my finished product before it's fried.

 Cook the Empanadas in deep hot oil until slightly golden brown.
How do you like it after it's cooked? Weee!

Empanadas can be frozen.  Arrange pieces on a baking sheet cover with resinite or foil then freeze.  Deep-fry when ready to be served. 

Serving: 10 pieces medium sized

If you wish to order, please visit my restaurant located in the future. chos.. Hehehe!
So there..satisfied me again. I know this is not the end..more to come. hihi! ^_^

Till next!
#Pastry Chef Wannabe

P.S. - I think something's wrong with my site. It looks distorted/smaller in my view - should occupy the full screen. Also, a while ago all my reading blog list was gone in my dashboard but after signing in again, it went back to normal. Could it be my internet browser? Hmm.weird.

Monday, December 10, 2012

SMP Blog Award +

15 days to go before Christmas!
Lots of people are busy buying gifts, having Christmas parties, preparing the food list for Noche Buena and a lot of fun quality time with family and friends. Few days ago, I've been thinking of something to give my fellow blogger friends -  as a token of appreciation for having them in my wanderland. And before everyone else gets busy, i wanna give you guys this SMP Blog Award.  Good timing for Christmas, right? So we're you guys thinking im giving a "Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko" award? Haha no not really. Who would like a cold christmas anyway.  

And now, because its 15 days to go before Christmas, 15 wanderful bloggers will have this award..yey! 
So without further ado, let me present the

SMP awardees


Super MR. Popular award:


Super MISS Popular award:

Arline of the Pink Line
Pretty Hash of Hash Coffee Table Book
Joanne of Joanne's Blog
Jessica of Pagguhit ng mga Salita
LiLi of Thinking Out Loud
Anne of Here You'll Find Me
Grah of Chicturista
Phioxee of Wanderer
Tal of The Pinay Wanderer
Balut of Balut Manila

*Get the image and copy the questions HERE

I really want to choose all of you but then I'm stuck with 15 hehe. So for my 15 awardees go spread the love and share the SMP award.  Yey!

The rules are pretty simple:
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Choose your Super Mr. Popular and Super Miss Popular who you want to give this award. (Maximum of 15 people)
  • Copy the provided question below or you may create a new question you want to ask them. 
  • Don't forget to send me the link of your post so i can see it too. ^_^

Here are the questions:
  1. Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?
  2. You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?
  3. Aside from family,  what's your greatest accomplishment in life?
  4. In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?

*Get the image and copy the questions HERE

But wait!!!! There's more!  
I'm giving a simple Christmas e-gift for everyone. Yey! 
But please don't expect too much..hihi! For those who want to receive,  
 send me an email at together with your name/nickname and favorite color. Please do include your blog site.

Follow me on  

I'll let you all know once i sent it already.
Thank you..Till next!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini Yamcakes with Butter Icing

 After that sore-throat and hateful bland diet,
I've been really craving for anything sweet so i thought of making a pancake with icing. Yes, icing! It's really my favorite part in any cake and cupcakes.

It excites me so much to make an icing so i gathered all the ingredients that i will need.

I know i'm supposed to use a Powdered sugar/ icing sugar but the only stock available in our kitchen is this Caster Sugar.
- no choice.
Im not prepared for this. Well it's still a sugar after all. right? hehe.

So here goes my version of making an icing and pancakes:

  1. Whip the butter.
  2. Add the icing sugar and the vanilla.
  3. Then keep mixing it until fluffy and thoroughly combined. (Good if you have an electric mixer)
  4. Set aside.
Note: Because i used the caster sugar, the batter wasn't that smooth so for best results, use powdered icing sugar instead.

I bet everyone knows how to cook a pancake, well i'm still gonna write it anyway.
  1. Put the hotcake mix a large bowl.
  2. Add the eggs, melted butter and a cup of water.
  3. Mix gently until combined. 
  4. Melt butter on the pan. It should foam and sizzle.
  5. Using a spoon,  drop a batter and let it form into a small circle.
  6. Cook until the tops of the pancakes are full of bubbles and the bottoms are golden brown.
  7. Flip the pancakes and cook until the other side is golden brown too.


I layered 3 mini pancakes and fill it with the icing batter. I don't have an icing bag so i used an ordinary ice plastic bag instead. hihi. So here's how my Mini Yamcakes with Butter Icing looks like,  the product of my curiosity and craving for sweets.


I didn't achieve the beautifully-made icing look so it looks really kinda messy. Awww. But it does taste yummy! So far, i'm happy with the results. Yey! I might as well try making icing using powdered sugar and adding up cream cheese + food coloring next time. (Cream cheese Icing.)

So there, satisfied me with this very sweet icing...for a while.  Still craving for more pastries.

Seeing posts from Coffeehan, i also want to visit J. Cuppacakes and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.  The shops are really inviting and so kawaii. The cupcakes looks really delicious. I feel like i want to own a shop like that. How i wish.

Loving cupcakes too much - I've been addicted ordering customized cupcakes from several online shops  before and then i will just pick it up somewhere. This reminds me of the cupcakes i ordered from Arline last month, really yummy cupcakes! How about we put up a cupcake shop in all shades of PINK? hehehe.

Oh by the way, just recently a friend of mine promised that she will bake cupcakes for me too. I just don't know when but i am really looking forward to that very sweet treat.

Till next, guys!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Enhancing Your Beauty with Eye Lash Extension

"I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, 
curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on."

My Second time with Eyelash Extension

 If there's one thing i like most about makeup, it's making my eyes more expressive. A thin line of eyeliner in black or brown that will greatly define my eyes and make them appear more brighter and with the magic of extensions - creating an illusion of thicker lashes.  

They say that long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity in many cultures. Some are born lucky to have long lashes but most of us need a little bit help, including me. I have a thin and not-so long lashes so i really envy those with natural long lashes. So when my sister told me that we're gonna do some makeup thingys and eyelash extension, i agreed at once. You can view my first eyelash extension experience HERE
it was really cool!

Depth and intensity, drama and expression come to the eyes so having a thicker and longer lash will really make you look even more beautiful. 

Eyelash extensions can make your eye look intense and romantic with the right eye makeup. Don't overdo. it is best to wear soft eyecolors during the day and dark colors will fit in the evening look.  Curl your lashes to make it look more natural and appear brighter for a more youthful look.  Apply mascara, if desired. Try it for yourself and see how more beautiful you can be.

For wonderful set of Eyelash Extensions, you may visit Lash Design.

"From an unusual shade of eyeliner and long flirty eyelashes, 
to a brighter lipstick and a bit of sparkle across the cheekbones.    
Makeup is the grown-up equivalent of dressing up." 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

All i want for Christmas

Bear Wish: a pink bear partner, maybe? ^_^

Hello December!  
24 days to go before Christmas..yet i don't still have any gift lists for my family and friends. I haven't bought anything yet even for myself so here i am wishing what i want this Christmas.

Anyway, before anything else i would like to thank Kuia JonDmur and Phioxee  for tagging me in this
All i want for Christmas post edition. It took days for me to think what i really want. I really had a lot in mind - my needs and wants. Hmmm. Nga pala i want to share this a few days ago nakakatuwa kasi sunod sunod yung posts ng blogger friends ko..and i also got the ideas from them for my wishes hahaha.
cute ^_^

So now, let the 6+ wishes begin! 

On the very top of my list,  i wish happiness for my family that we will always be together. 

"Health is wealth." Having a good health is the most important thing for all of us.

 I really like this but too expensive. -_-

 Pre-order Memorata Shoes @ 4k plus. so lovely. Btw, my dearest Santa, I'm size 8!

Etude House Collection, so kawaii! I like almost everything from this store. 
So if you're planning to buy me anything here, I had a fair skin tone so just ask the EH lady what shades would suit my complexion best. hihi. I also love the most their powder, blush-ons and eyeliners.^_^

It really doesn't need to be expensive. Just as long as it's colorful and chic-looking,
it's very okay for me.

Additional wishes 

P.S. I also want Christmas Cards! ^_^
and emails too. ( 
Pagaya din kay sis Phioxee hehe.

Pinkline | Joanne | Superjaid | Phioxee | Fiel
Hehe. Thank you guys!

So there it goes.  
Hopefully somebody out there can grant my wishes...wishes..wishes..!
Should you need my address to deliver the lists below please don't hesitate to contact me via email. hahahaha.


 Now it's your turn!

The tag came with these simple rules:

1. Kindly use the same title and as well as the first second photo that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas tree above) in your post.

2. List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.

3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).

4. Send me the link so I could check it out too.

And im tagging:

Lady Myx of Myxilog
Nerza of Fashionerza
Milna of MilnaMania
Gracina of Colorful Bliss
Astro Naughty 
Pao Kun of To infinity and beyond!

Photos without watermark are copyrighted to their rightful owners. No infringement intended.