Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hey June

"Don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better.."

I can't believe it's actually the end of the month again. 
Waiting Game: I have always been the person waiting and i wont really get bored if i have something to read and eat, like Pneuma, hi-c and chocolate ^_^
Pencil Madness: Stillness. Bed weather. Boredom. It's quite a long time since i handed a pencil to draw. I know I'm not really good at it but it's something i really love to do before. And i don't really know what makes me want to draw again lately but anyway i am thinking of having a new sketchpad for more of these feels.
Red Alert: I hate seeing this red warning in my computer. I deleted some files before to free some space but ugh seeing this again makes me a lil bit annoyed. Well, my fault.. I don't know i just can't remove them all.
Throwback: How i terribly miss school moments and yes..my pink guitar. -__-
Oh this Minions fever had me a lot of Mcdo Happymeal.

Anyway here's a screenshot of a text message.  I don't really reply to these kind of texts. I delete all at once but this one, just this one, was an exception. I thought of goofing around with this obviously fishing for pasaload and so i replied. And what can this person say when I asked for Minions as a freebie instead? Haha!
You know a lot @ScorpioTerms. ugh.
Again, my love for clouds, almost wanting to give a hug from a distance. Isn't it?

July, i won't expect you to surprise me or to be awesome, just be good to me..please.