Monday, July 30, 2012

Gloomy July

So this one is a late post.  we lost our internet connection for a few days because of the typhoon, very strong winds broke the router stand in the roof.  Glad it was fixed.

So there goes July.  Some of my family members and friends celebrated their birthdays this month.  Another year for them and a piece of cake for me...yey!  I spend most of my free time downloading Disney movies at Pirate Bay. Disney Movie Guide list I dont have a very fast connection so it takes 4-6 hours per movie download.  A long long wait.  Rainy days makes me hungry and really very sleepy. Every so often i cook anything that is edible and to satisfy my cravings as well. Why is it gloomy then? Hmm..i dont really know but i do feel it sometime, unexplainable sadness and heavy rains adds up to the gloomy mood, like the sky is crying and breaking down. Too much drama. haha.  It's just something's not quite right and cant figure it out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leche Flan: Cooking using whole eggs

I love Leche Flan so much and i guess everyone else does.  My first attempt of cooking lecheflan is when i was 16.  Not looking in a recipe book i was really kinda experimenting. I use whole eggs that time and condensed milk then it turns out like a boiled sugary egg flan, it taste good though but didn't tasted like lecheflan (the one you can buy) I was upset so after that times I'd rather buy a slice than make a waste again.  Later back these years, i did learn the perfect recipe, using the egg yolks only. That sounds new to me before and when i tried, i succeed! I'm so happy, once in a while i cook leche flan, i never bought outside anymore.

So there, yesterday i was really bored and craving for something to eat.  I decided to cook of course, lecheflan! But since my ingredients wasn't enough for the standard recipe, i experiment again hehehe. I use whole eggs for the second time.

 So here's my ingredients:

4 pcs eggs
1 can evaporated milk (you can use any brand, the one i used is the one my sister bought in Oman so cant read the label though)
1 can condensed milk
White sugar (for caramelized)
1 strainer (if necessary)

Makes 3-4 lianeras

1.  Mix them in a separate bowl.  One for the evap and condensed then one for the eggs.
      Why separate mixes?  Its best to separate the eggs at first so you can mix it well and get rid of the solid parts..

2.   Mix them all together, slowly stir it.   After that,  use the strainer to remove the remaining solids from the liquid mix.

3.    Its time to caramelize.  This takes me a lot of time to do it, it looks easy but not for me. So here it goes, put white sugar in all the lianeras, maybe 3-4 spoons will be but if you want more you can add. (i use 5 spoons of it) Set your stove in a very very low fire then put the lianera over it.  Wait for a minute till the sugar began to melt start holding it side to side to make sure the sugar will melt evenly. Use a tong to hold the lianera, it is extremely hot.

4.   Set aside and let it cool for a couple of minutes.  Prepare the steamer while waiting.

5.   Pour the lecheflan mix to each lianeras and then put them carefully in the steamer, Cover it and steam for about 30 minutes.  You'll know its cooked when you put a fork in it and goes out clean.

So there, my lecheflan using whole eggs is a success! It does taste lecheflan this time.  The difference i can say between using egg yolks only from whole eggs is that egg yolks only is a lot smoother and firmer than the whole eggs but the taste is exactly the same.

Hmmm. looks yummy? It tastes really good!  You got to try it yourself. Experiment too! hehe so you can eat all you want ^_^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Secret History of Pain

Why does that obstinate little voice in our heads torment us so? Could it be because it reminds us that we are alive, of our mortality, of our individual souls -which, after all, we are too afraid to surrender but yet make feel more miserable than any other thing?  But isn't it also pain that often makes us most aware of our self?  It is a terrible thing to learn as a child that one is a being separate from all the world, that no one and no thing hurts along with one's burned tongues and skinned knees, that one's aches and pains are all one's own.  Even more terrible, as we grow older, to learn that there is no person, no matter how beloved, can ever truly understand us.  Our own selves makes us most unhappy and that's why we're so anxious to lose them, dont you think?

Dreams and Nightmares: What do they tell you?

 Dreams, as described by Wikipedia are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.  The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called Oneirology.

When i was in college, i choose dreams as a topic for my term paper. Im really curious about it because i dream a lot: good ones, weird ones and even scary ones. There are many types of dreams and sometimes it can be full of mystery.    In my opinion, dreams starts with our unconsciousness, like when we sleep our bodies rest while our spirit is traveling somewhere beyond our imaginations and sometimes there are these  times that you control your dream with your mind.  (It happens to me especially when someone is attacking me or wanted to kill me something like that of course i don't want to be caught and be dead)   Dreams can be a continuation of what you're thinking before you go to sleep, a movie you watched or maybe something very weird or very unfamiliar.  That's how i see it.   When you dream, you dialogue with aspects of yourself that normally are not with you in the daytime and you discover that you know a great deal more than you thought you did. Sometimes it can be also an answer to a question we haven't learned to ask.
 I don't actually believe with what they say that if you remember your dreams after you wake up, its nothing and wont even come true but if you don't seem to remember anything about it, it should be something to worry about.  It's crazy, right?  They also say that what you dream is always the opposite of what's truly gonna happen in real life but what if its a good dream? I guess that only applies to bad dreams because we always want the good ones.  Dreams are kinda big deal for me, it makes me think so much especially when its really really a bad one.  (like someone i know or me got into an accident, snakes everywhere, attacked by monsters.. stuffs like that)  So my solution to that is i bought a DREAM BOOK app in Itunes (it cost me $2.99) and saved it on my ipod so whenever i had disturbing dreams that i remember i can looked it up there and somehow gives me the meaning of it, even not so exactly but sometimes it matches.  Like the other other night, i dream of swimming into a pool i looked up the app (i typed "swimming") and this is what it meant:

---> Swimming of course takes place in the water. That may seem obvious but water links to the emotions and the unconscious mind so swimming will in some way link to our feelings. Swimming symbolises specifically the wish to change. It can show that this is what you want - in real life that change maybe has not been achieved. <---

So it will depend on how you see your dream or what you truly feel in the situation, it can help but of course i don't rely on it 100%, i guess it's just my first aid so i wont be nervous and distracted.  It does tell the truth sometimes.   We remember dreams or may even  forget every single detail about it but what's really good about it is we enter a world that is entirely our own.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Other memories stick, no matter how much you wish they wouldn't.  They're like a song you hate but you can't get completely out of your head, and this song becomes the background noise  of your entire life, snippets of lyrics and lines of music floating up and then receding, a crazy kind of tide that never stops.

Memories..memories...memories are forever.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I know right?!

My days are full, yet i remained most of the time, unsatisfied. x_x

Friday, July 20, 2012

Life as it happens

It's funny because when you were a child, you believe you can be anything you want to be, go wherever you want to go.  There's no limit to what you can dream.  You expect the unexpected.  You believe in magic, in fairy tales and in possibilities.  And then you grow older and that innocence is shattered and somewhere along the way the reality of life gets in the way and you're hit by the realization that you can't be all you wanted to be, sometimes, you might just have to settle for a little bit less.

My Favorite Ipad App Games you may also like


This my most favorite game.  It relaxes my mind especially when im stressed out i just play and let the time pass.  A simple way to discover new words.

This is a game i just discovered a couple of weeks ago while im searching for a Super Mario game.  I downloaded the free version to try it and i happen to like it so i bought the full version of the game for $0.99 in Itunes.


This is almost the same as Lep's World, it's just that this is a bit more challenging.  And the good thing is you dont need to buy the full version because it has many levels. (I didnt count, it looks many though) Im currently on Level 3 here, it's not that hard but i dont know i cant move forward, im stucked in that level haha.


This is a very addicting game.  It really feels like you are working in a hotel.  I also downloaded the other DASH games but this is my favorite among all of that.  And because i like this, i bought the full version for $2.99 in Itunes.  But i was upset because after the purchase when i opened the app, other hotels are still locked.  Free version has 1 hotel and then after i bought the full 5 hotels was unlocked but then there's 5 more hotels i guess.  That may be is the Hotel Dash Suite Success and it cost too much.


This a very addicting game too.  I cant stop playing this and Puss' voice was really fascinating.  Same story goes after i tried the free version, i bought the full version.  You'll never be bored with Puss in Boots. I like it when i hit the bomb, Puss will say: "That was unexpected" haha really nice.


So that's Barry. Im amazed. I discovered this game upon searching Ipad's best games.  It's quite challenging but i seldom play it because it upsets me every time i got fried in the revolving electric whatsoever.  I reached the Professional level though.


I had this when i was randomly downloading games in Itunes.  The objective of the game is to bump all the animals along the way and to get the coins.  I dont know how many levels are in it but im currently on level 6.  This game is likable it's just that the speed of this game can hurt your eyes with continuous playing.


Who would not know this game? This has been popular and envaded all parts of the world.  I still play this once in a while when im really really really bored.  Actually, i repeatedly finished it 3x last year. Haha. My nephew likes this so much, before he was so afraid but eventually he find it nice and even draw the plants and the zombies.  I had a Zen Garden and i take care of it...arrrghh/


A strategy game.  It looks easy at first but as soon as you go through the levels it become difficult.  It annoys me so much that i cant finish all the levels when my nephew had finished it all. x_x


I played this game for almost a month, i was totally hooked up in planting crops and zombies and then invade when the zombies get hungry.  Its a lame game but i did enjoyed it.  Im so excited to harvest that it even a dream about harvesting the crops and the zombies.  Its pretty weird and i got scared. Hahaha. 

This reminds me so much of Farmville and Farmtown.  I had this game recently, at first its kinda boring buti think it's better than the Zombie Farm that invades me in my dreams lol.  I like this game so much.  Im on Level 32.  Some quests are just quite difficult to achieve.  This game has been part of my daily routine.  The good thing about this game is even your crops go withered you can revive it as long as you have energy.  You can buy it using the crystals, mix potions or simply wait for energy to be restored. (1 energy is restored every 4 minutes)

So there you go, i'll add more next time. ^_^

Note: Images above belong to their respective owners. I dont own them.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist 2012

114 days to go.  I just thought of making my wishlist as early as now, i'd be so surprised to have it all by November 11. Hahaha. Lists are arranged according to its price, from expensive to cheap ones. ^_^
  • Trip to Disneyland, Paris and Rome.
  • Local trip to Batanes and Palawan.
  • MacBook Touch

  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Smart's Pocket Wifi
  • Shopping Allowance (sky's the limit?!)
  • Bracelets

Thinking of what i like makes me think so much.  Hmmmm. More of the material things. Moreover, i want happiness in life, good health and more blessings for me and my family.

And that's priceless.

Anyway, i think of celebrating my birthday out there somewhere. To early to plan but i do have one. ^_^

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

So here goes friday the 13th again. They say everytime this day comes, you will be unlucky and that something bad will happen. But for some people, it may be their lucky day. it depends. Yeah. The possibility of having a badluck is high. i dont actually believe it, though. Or i just dont want to absorb that old saying that much. My friday the 13th happens to be just as the normal days i had. If theres only one thing i can complain about is that i havent got a good sleep. No other weird things happened. or maybe i should have added the one who annoyed me so bad for making me wait (or i guess im just too Impatient...hmmm?) well so thats it, hope you guys had a wonderful day. ^_^

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Facts of Life

Our life is a short time in expectation, a time which sadness and joy kiss each other at every moment.  There is a quality of sadness that pervades all the moments of our life.  It seems that there is no such thing as clear-cut pure joy, but that even in the most happy moments of our existence we sense a tinge of sadness. In every satisfaction, there is an awareness of limitations.  In every success, there is the fear of jealousy.  Behind every smile, there is a tear.  In every embrace, there is loneliness.  In friendship, distance.  And in all the forms of light, there is a knowledge of surrounding darkness.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Im talking about the ones who, for whatever reason, are as much a part of you as your own soul.  Their place in your heart is tender; a bruise of longing, a pulse of an unfinished business.  Just hearing their names pushes and pull at you in a hundred ways, and when you try to define those hundred ways, describe them even to yourself, words are useless.  If you had a lifetime to talk, There would still be things left unsaid.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


The things of your life arrived in their own time, like a train you have to catch.  Because sometimes it was one way, easy and sometimes it was the other, not easy; the things of your life roared down to you and all you can do is to grab and hold on.  The hard times will soon pass, you just have to be stronger.  It may not end how you wanted it to be but it will surely be better than you expected.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Perfect Match

Everyone of us is hoping to find our perfect match, not only in love but also in friendship and in putting up a business.  The feeling of having a lot of things in common and enjoying each other's company.  It gives an advantage of having a good understanding and a perfect combination. 

Thus, all relationships starts from a simple hello that starts out the conversation until it become deeper, thats where feelings started to grow and develop into a different level.  Compatibility arises from things like food, clothing, music and even the principles in life that makes two individual be more closer.  However, for some people its seems hard for them to find the right one for them, so they use the social networking sites to be friends with strangers and hopefully wishing that they will find the one destined for them.  Its like searching gold from the beach sand and once you found it, you shall never let go...or you have to search over and over again for the perfect match.

Rainy June

Another month has come to an end. I can still remember last year's June.  It was a really busy month. This time, it was kinda awfully boring.  When rain starts to fall, worries suddenly appears everywhere. Things that doesn't need much understanding, but acceptance. Oh well, nothing much to say. >.<