Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beauty tip # 3: Quacker oats facial cleanser and mosturizer in one

Who says quacker oats is just for the starving tummies?

hmm it can also be for beautification of our skin..My mom always buy oats in the grocery but im not an oats eater though if i eat sometimes ill put a lot of powdered milk and sugar with it on the top spreading it and covering the oats..(pretty childish! hahaha) THis has been one of my habit cleaning up my face with oats sometimes when theres fresh milk available i put a lil' drop of it..pretty yummy?! yet for me its the more natural way of avoiding to much chemicals on your skin..

so heres what youll need:

OATS (any brand but those imported oats are better)

just get a handful of oats (only get the amount you need, not too much) then put it in a small bowl or anything for bathroom use put a little water or milk just to wet the oats then gently spread it on you face.. Wait for about 5mins or longer (if you can) then rinse it up well..
Its also good for the legs, its proven and effective that it can whiten and soften your skin... I testify coz ive been doin this routine eversince and sometimes till now wen im not busy and it never fail to keep me fit and glowing hahaha what a term! anyway, i just shared some of my beauty stuffs..

Remember girls, to be truly beautiful is to act and be Natural..till next

How to link an image

just use this:

<a href="YOUR TARGET SITE" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE" />
text here]</a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="1abu286.gif" />
my site]</a>

♥the [text here] at the end of the code is optional you can just leave it blank..  the target site and the image url must be filled out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty tip # 2: Instant facial and bodyscrub

Theres a lot of facial and bodyscrub products nowadays and we seem to forget that the more natural simpler way is using less chemicals..Though i use some stuffs like those branded items i also try other ways to keep me fit and flawless.. nice hahaha.. anyway heres what you'll need:
a box of baking soda

just mix it again but put only a little amount of water. Rub it on your body. It wont hurt as much coz the textures are rough but not that very rough.. you can also use it as a facial. Let it stand for a few minutes then when u wash up you can feel that soft feeling in your skin..

use this once every other day or once a week..
theres nothing wrong in trying something new thats more natural but if youre prone to allergies dont experiment ask the doctor first!

Beauty tip # 1: Removing a scar naturally

Hello ladies!

Scars are very visible whether big or small its annoying right?
We dont want that and if ever we accidentally have that dont lose hope! theres a way..
if you cant afford to buy something like scar removal shown on tv you can do it in the natural way heres what you will need:

virgin coconut oil (or if you dont have that you can use olive oil its also a healthy oil)
brown sugar
patience and motivation

the quantity of it depends on how much you will use. Just mix it and then rub it on the scar.. this treatment will soften the skin and gently erase the scar with continued use.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Html text tags

hello! i just wanna share this especially to those who might find it helpful..
you can use this especially into websites like here in Multiply you can use these codes to add spice on your welcome box.

so lets start:

An HTML tag will always begin with a "less than" sign, like this: <. The tags will end with a "greater than" sign, This is called an opening tag, which begins the operation you wish to perform. A closing tag will be the same as the opening tag, but will have a forward slash before the command. 

to BOLD your text:

<b>your text here</b>
This will show up on your page like this: your text here 

 to UNDERLINE a text:

<u>your text here</u>
This will show up on your page like this: your text here
to make it ITALIC: 

<i>your text here</i>
This will show up on your page like this: your text here  

to CENTER a text:

<center>your text here</center>
This will show up on your page like this:

your text here 

so theres the basic.. but thats not all you can combine those tags like these:

<b><i><center>bold, italic and center</center></i></b>
This will show up on your page like this:
bold, italic and center
<b><u>bold and underlined</u></b>
This will show up on your page like this:   bold and underlined
you can just play along the tags, combine them or just use the tags you need.. ^__^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changing fonts and sizes

The codes goes like this:

<font size="14">your text here</font>
result:   your text here
♥put on the size you desire between the qoute.

<font color="green">im green</font>
result:   im green
♥put in the color you want between the qoute

when you want to change the font face just use this:

<font face="Verdana" SIZE="12" COLOR="green">your text here</font>
result:   your text here

you can add the bold, italic etc tags..

like this:

<center><font color="green"font face="georgia" size="14"><b><i>♥Link me!♥</i></b></font></center>
result:   ♥Link me!♥