Saturday, October 31, 2015


...whaaaat happened October? 

All i ever know is that it was a very tough month. Everyday was like a struggle..well definitely lucky to survive it all.
I've always wanted to have my own kitty paws but not really that dying-to-have-so-will-search-everywhere-to-find-one. Though i know there are some sold online, i just don't feel safe purchasing online anymore, (or for now) chances are it may not be delivered on time or maybe not at all. Anyway, this handmade kittypaws is actually a last minute idea (to add for my halloween costume) and so it's not really perfectly done or just atleast it will look like paws with claws. Haha! I used black gloves and felt papers to make it.. taaaaadaaaa! 
Looking back, I really had no idea what got into me to join this artsy challenge. I mean, I do love art but like i said in my dramatic intro post, it kinda doesnt love me back the same way. I really admire artworks that are neatly done and well-detailed. How i wish i could do it that way too coz obviously mine was all messy and very kid-like drawings.. muhaha! But oh, im a bit proud of myself to keep up and had finished this Wonder A Day Challenge. Whether i win or not, i am grateful for this creative experience that resharpen my dulled art skills. I remember those days when i can't think of any concept to draw/illustrate and it kinda stressed me out coz i dont wanna miss and fail right in the middle. (Entries must be uploaded on the assigned day) But im just so relieved and happy coz i made it. Yes I did!

#WonderADay31: Xmas LSS

Monday, October 26, 2015

#WonderADay26: Swagger Style

The coolest thing I've done this year is joining this artjournaling challenge that inspire me to do more of my kulayful kaARTehan

Sunday, October 25, 2015

#WonderADay25: So Much FEELS

"Yung hindi ka iiwan. Yung sayo pa rin babalik. Yung may forever at happily ever after. Yuug tadhanang maibalik sayo yung pagmamahal na hindi sinuklian ng pinagbigyan mo."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#WonderADay22: For Reals

Whenever i can do something i never thought i can or that im afraid of failing but succeeded in the end..things like that, it really totally stupefies "OM-JEEEEE!"

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#WonderADay21: Petstagram

My bebe Tangy likes to eat, craves for cuddles and loves to sleep a lot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#WonderADay20: No Filter

For me, #RealBeauty is falling asleep in tears and putting a bright smile all day. Its the laughter when you make a joke (sometimes) only you can understand. Its the scar on your knee. Its having a brokenheart but still continues to love unconditionally and hopes that there is forever. Its that weird expression on your face when youre into deep thinking. Its when you  cry over all your worries and mindlessly laugh at your stupid acts. Its when you always choose to see the goodness out of the bad.
Beauty is what we feel inside that also shows outside ourselves. It is the marks of our existence.

Monday, October 19, 2015

#WonderADay19: So Much Win

Im giving myself a sunflower medal for passing the Licensure Exam for Teachers

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#WonderADay15: Maine Forever

I believe that forever happens everyday. You have to make every minute counts and turn moments into lasting memories. Unconditional love is the kind of love that can truly last forever and i firmly believe that when love is real, it is never lost and doesn't fade no matter what.

I wish upon a star that my faith in God, family, relationships and happiness will be forever and will be never-ending. I also want to stay forever in the hearts of the people i love that even when im gone, they will still remember me for all that i them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#WonderADay14: Home Goals

A barbie dollhouse-inspired surrounded by endless hills, breathtaking views (and a beach nearby) a cute garage; sunflowers in the garden, nice kitchen and dining, comfy living room, spacious bathroom w/tub; hoooray for entertainment room; a princessy bedroom and a library in the attic..all in shades of pink and pastels.

Friday, October 9, 2015

#WonderADay9: The Struggle is Real

I cant think of any specific struggle i had or maybe its quite a bit plenty to list down. Hah! So maybe, for me, the struggle is real for the unknown coz you'll never know whats gonna happen that will need all the strength you can get to survive. Aja aja hwaitiiiiing!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

#WonderADay8: Welcome Adult Life

Life was all easy before just when it become hard after.. haha! Tho it was fun and challenging. Enjoying life's rollercoaster ride and swimming in the stressful sea.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#WonderADay7: Hoarder Diaries

I usually go alone. I loooove books so much coz they last forever (even some break my heart atleast they stay..books dont leave you) and also i'm very fond of collecting kittycat stuffs.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#WonderADay6: Oh What An Ahhhrt

Art for me is measured through its unique style, exquisiteness, and those that expresses distinct emotions.

I was truly captivated by the concept of these artworks. The "pain thing" as my most favorite because i can feel the sharp edges and brokenness just by looking at it. Aww too many feels. While the "willpower" denotes that we need to have the will to survive life's adversities and no matter what the situation is, every one of us is always capable of succeeding in every thing we do.

(I think i have interpreted the art prompt literally..ugh. saaahree!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

#WonderADay5: Relationship Goals

I believe having God as the center of the relationship will make #forever possible. The love will be never-ending and definitely will make the bond stronger and deeper that it can surpass any trials all the time  (breaking up/leaving will never be an option..ever.)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

#WonderADay4: Double Hashtag

Not really my favorite color but there's something in #RED that best describe the situations in my life and emotion i've dealt lately. ❤

Saturday, October 3, 2015

#WonderADay3: Selfie YOU

What makes me beautiful is being ME and loving myself even with all the imperfections i have.

Friday, October 2, 2015

#WonderADay2: Squad Goals

My kind of squad inspires me in every way, brings out all the best and happiness in me.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

#WonderADay1: Travel Goals

Italy - To be in the "city of love" is the best dream destination ever! The place itself is quite romantic. Anyway, the first thing i'll do here is to visit a relative whose a priest. (Coffee and pizza too please?!) 

England -Few years ago on my trip to Grand Cayman, i stayed at the Heathrow airport for almost 11 hours while waiting for my connecting flight. It was awfully sad not to go around the nearest places there in London (which is actually still quite a bit far in the main city). So i hope next time, this place will be my destination. The red bus joyride and princessy feels at the Buckingham Palace..yay!

Batanes - Of course theres a lot of wonderful places in the Philippines and this is one of my favorite dream place to be stranded in -  the serenity of being sorrounded by endless hills, breathtaking views and scenic spots. As soon as i get here, id run to the ever famous "Honesty Store" becoz somewhere in me, in this life, i want nothing but honesty and truths. Actually, we all do. ✌

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#WonderADay: Kulayful Ka-ARTehan

"It is almost that most wonderful time 
of the year again!" - @GetFILED 

 Sometime ago, i used to sketch a lot, draw anything something like that, mostly dresses and figures to express my moods and emotions. I do have random collection of art materials and im so fond of buying all kinds of coloring tools whenever wherever. (Last time, I bought a canvas and set of acrylic paints but haven't used yet, maybe i want that kind of feeling an artist imagining i can create a marvelous art in there oh hopefully someday..hah!) 

That time came when i become really busy and occupied with other important things to do. (or maybe that was just a perfect excuse to run away from Mr. Art N. Crafts) I barely touched any of my pens nor let my kaARTehan flow..all was kept in a huge box hidden somewhere in my room. (before it was scattered anywhere in my desk.) I dont know why. Maybe, i do love art, but sometimes, just sometimes, maybe it didn't love me back the same way. (hugotfeels? muhaha!) 

Oh anyway, you might be thinking already that im good with this art thing. Frankly, I'm not. I can't even say im an artist, well rather just being maARTe. My way of art doesn't always look amazing in spite the fact that I had put all my effort to come up with such artworks. But hey, i do believe i had that creative mind, just that the outcome of my creations are quite messy and pretty unsmoothed. haha!

Few days ago, when i saw GetFILED's #WonderADay Challenge, all of a sudden, I felt like the creativityswitch inside me turned "on". At first, i hesitated but then i finally decided to join..yay! (Im a super wander girl, why wouldn't i refuse to wonder? yiii.) Well yes, I am well-aware that im not really good at scribbling, doodling nor coloring and it's a bit risky and very challenging (for me) to do something that requires artful concept and creativity (forget neatness please? waaah!) but then, for whatever happens, i'll surely very much enjoy this challenge..and it will definitely be a memorable one. Im certain to complete the 31 days of #WonderADay and ofcourse, hoping to get lucky, too..yay! *fingerscrossed

 Thank you GetFILED for this wonderful challenge, for a chance to win awesome prizes and an opportunity to express every day in such a meaningful and artistic way. far can my ka-ARTehan take me? Let's see!

 Ready..set..Wonder A Day!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wide awake when September ends

BER months are finally here! Do you hear the bells ringing already? Yes! It's that time of the year when families are reunited and old friends meet for a lot of catching ups. I can't wait for that!!!

Hoooray for September! Presenting the SuperWander (probably..weird) Girl in her newest digi-mask. muhaha! Forgive the craziness but anyway, i do love my pigtails there.

There had been a lot of surprises and changes for the past few weeks, it may not be all good for me but i hope it will all be for the better of everyone i truly care about.

Words are getting lesser each month so as usual, just photo sharing again. ^_^

Just few proofs that you'll believe how qualified i am for being weird. 
Well maybe..just maybe, i'm more than that. hihi. Oh, i just love smiling foods.
The first and (maybe the last time) i'll make this experimental kitty pancakes, It's damn hard to manually shape them in the cookingpan, i got a lot of little red burns in my hands huhu. I dont know if i can find a molder or something for future attempts. But anyway, atleast me and my nephew enjoyed it. He was like "wooow tita its cute!"
Breaks in between.
They say, this coloring thing can make your stress go away and somehow let your mind be relaxed. I dont know how true but that isn't effective for me, coz I've been stressed out in choosing the right colors to use, afraid that I might ruin the design. haha. Oh my. 
Maybe sometimes, in the midst of everything, we all end up asking "Why me?"
I love rainy days. i just hate it when it gives that shivery cold feeling.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh Gosh

They say, August is a month when the portals from other dimensions are open and that lost spirits are wandering everywhere. I just dont know how true. click here maybe But yeah, whenever this month arrives, it does creeps me out a bit.

August (Agos) is also somewhat known to be the "go-on-with-the-flow" month (or that was just from Maria's theory) wherein whatever may happens, just happens - whether in good terms or bad. Well, for me, whatever those beliefs are, i still believe everything that happened or will happen depends on the decisions we make and/or the actions we take. Though, sometimes, just sometimes, some things really get out of control and the only choice we have is to accept it as it is.

Oh i kinda feel a bit envious and crazy over these little things around me. I've own the powerbank for about 3 years or so while the phone is just from this year so they've just recently met (haha!) and yet they are so inseparable! Ugh. Silly me to do this (and yes, weird!!) one afternoon when i was charging. Oooh the heart takes a bit of effort to form into that desired intentional heart-shape muhaha!

Right there, this hugotfeels in my mind that goes like....

Phone: You are always there when i need you and never a time happened that you let me down. What will i ever be without you? Please stay with me always. i badly need you..and maybe, i love you, too.

Powerbank: You know the heartbreaking truth is? Its hurts because you only remember me when youre nearly getting drained. While you enjoy all the time for your own benefit, here i am waiting for you, always have been waiting and wondering if i ever crossed your mind even when your battery's half full..or is it really just when you're running empty? I dont know. Do you even love me? Because i do love you. And even when things gets complicated and too unfair, ill never leave you. Ill be right here. I promise.

Too dramatic eh? Anything, anytime, anywhere - may hugot talaga. ugh. muhaha!

I terribly miss blogging, like those times when i can write something almost every week. Ooh so many thoughts, so little time to sort them all out. Good thing there's Tumblr where it is more convenient to post that at-the-moments thoughts. So for the times I've been away in this wanderland, i am in that other wanderland, once in a while. I remember creating this account several years ago just for the sake of having one. Nothing else. Its mostly for reblogging relateable photos and more until recently i had been hanging around here and find it a bit easier to share thoughts and its really fun to know more bloggers there and here, stuffs like that. 

And hey, from all the other thoughts i had in mind, that one above was my favorite. It's true..isn't it? Sometimes, we feel more or less, but not enough for others or those we loved the most. The flaws and other things become too distinct. ugh. Anyway, i hope we can all have that someone who can be happy and so much inlove with us in all the good, the bad and even the ugly that are sandwiched together within ourselves.  

Lastly, those anon messages are a bit mysterious but i love answering some of it - and most of it which i dont feel like posting anyway..saahreee. And the thing with being friends with someone who doesnt want to be known in the first place is somewhat scary..but maybe, just maybe.. it wouldn't hurt,  its just like bumping into a random stranger down the road, saying hello and all and probably after that sudden interaction, chances are, you wont cross each other's paths again or so those random relation will just be like episodes of one's existence that can happen from time to time.
The rain stopped...but the tears on my window remains. I loved it, anyway.

Bye Auggie, till next time.. if ever there will be. 
Hey September, just be good.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Due Lie Hopes

"I hope you find someone who is brave enough to enter your storm, and respects you enough to love the size of your waves.

I hope you find someone who will relish the calm you can have, and who is eager to set sail on the expanse of your mind.

I hope you find someone that can’t escape the love they have for you, because now they have you in their very blood, always reminding them that you are the only sea worth exploring."

- T.B. Laberge

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Art of Letting Go

What do broken hearts really need?

A mighty glue to stick the broken pieces together?
Someone to pick it up and fix it?

Or to simply let go of what keeps it breaking?

For the broken hearteds, they would always say,  "Move on.."
But it would be more appropriate to say, "First..learn to let go."

Many of us thought that Moving on and Letting go come together. but thinking about it, there's a line in between that shows their difference from each other.  The confounding truth is, you can never truly move on if you don't let go.

For me, I believe MOVING ON is attempting to escape misery, to try so hard to forget the memories, to instantly want to eject from your mind whatever bad things that has happened, to stay away from everything that hurts. Leaving all the pain someplace where it still exists and where it can still haunt you anytime. Digging a deep black hole and wanting to bury everything in there. It's like trying to move on with your life but in reality you're just standing still..and still on that same ground where you were left behind. The pain still lingers. Your broken pieces still scattered everywhere.

While LETTING GO is allowing your heart to feel what it wants to feel at the moment of your affliction. You let your emotions rule over. If your heart still persist to love, then let it. Let it love as much as it can. Even if it means loving in silence or in vain. It couldn't hurt any more because the fact that you are in deep pain already. Let it hurt if it is hurting so much. Feel hate but not so much hatred coz it might destroy you. Let tears flow freely if you feel like crying. Don't hold back. Breakdown if you need to. Don't force your heart to be okay and happy, when deep inside you know it's bleeding and terribly aching. Let those kind of emotions prevail. In time, you will see, the more you embrace pain, the less torturing those pains will be. You'll be surprised then that your tears had run dry, your sadness and pain slowly fading, how you can enjoy going out again without being bitter, if by any chance, going in the same places you have been with your past and how magically the weight in your chest feels so light. That's when you finally knew that you are indeed, learning the art of letting go.

You have to wholeheartedly accept the reality that no matter how much love you give and how much you hold on, some people aren't really meant to stay in your life.

To move on is to leave something behind. 
To finally let go is to unleash everything.

Yes, we all know that letting go is not a one-time process and it may be really very very hard at first. These are some ways to keep in mind that will eventually help yourself to be out of all the heartaches. Easier said than done..ugh ikr.

Don't keep anything. (keeping even the movie stub!)
Remove connections. (please is it like a wire or something?)
Stop caring.  (oh been so careless lately)
No more stalking. (ugh just making sure the person's alive and okay)
No more hang ups. (still can endure)
Not even hopes for a second chance. (that's harsh enough)
Nothing left to hold on to that will only drag your old feelings back anytime. (okay reality check)

When you had finally let go, when you let your heart savored all of those tormenting feelings, when you let the tears been all cried out, your heart will eventually heal on it's own. With or without someone to help you get fixed, the broken pieces will naturally mend and you will feel WHOLE AGAIN. With no signs of hatred, no burden, no guilt, no regrets. Not even a single memory of pain to look back. Just a memory of someone whom you used to love so much. Old silly memories that would simply just make you laugh.

Overall, it really doesn't matter how long it takes you to forget and finally let go of someone, all that matters is. in the end you have succeeded on it. And those experiences you had from which you should learn will only make you a little bit more wiser and those pains felt will only make you stronger than ever.

And if someday you are to find love again, which I'm sure you will, it will come to you in the most astonishing way with the most unexpected person at the rightest time of your life. Dont rush. Keep in mind this famous saying, "Love when you're ready, not just because you're lonely." 

Let go...Let God.

The Brokenheart's Choice

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hey June

"Don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better.."

I can't believe it's actually the end of the month again. 
Waiting Game: I have always been the person waiting and i wont really get bored if i have something to read and eat, like Pneuma, hi-c and chocolate ^_^
Pencil Madness: Stillness. Bed weather. Boredom. It's quite a long time since i handed a pencil to draw. I know I'm not really good at it but it's something i really love to do before. And i don't really know what makes me want to draw again lately but anyway i am thinking of having a new sketchpad for more of these feels.
Red Alert: I hate seeing this red warning in my computer. I deleted some files before to free some space but ugh seeing this again makes me a lil bit annoyed. Well, my fault.. I don't know i just can't remove them all.
Throwback: How i terribly miss school moments and pink guitar. -__-
Oh this Minions fever had me a lot of Mcdo Happymeal.

Anyway here's a screenshot of a text message.  I don't really reply to these kind of texts. I delete all at once but this one, just this one, was an exception. I thought of goofing around with this obviously fishing for pasaload and so i replied. And what can this person say when I asked for Minions as a freebie instead? Haha!
You know a lot @ScorpioTerms. ugh.
Again, my love for clouds, almost wanting to give a hug from a distance. Isn't it?

July, i won't expect you to surprise me or to be awesome, just be good to me..please.