Friday, August 13, 2010

My Friday the 13th

So i knew that its 13 this friday so before i sleep last night i see to it that im in a good mood so when i wake up it will be a lucky 13 for me.. But i was quite wrong.. To start with: (i chose to write it in bullet form)
  • I was late for my meet-up time with my friends, un FX ng ayala 48 yrs bago dumating, then super traffic pa and then you know what? nagpaGAS pa! naglagay ng tubig, balak pa ata icarwash un fx nia sauceko!
  • I was at the meeting place around 2:30 one of my expected friend didnt came so the plan didnt went out well
  • I texted my close friend but she didnt replied, i tried to call but her fone was off! aaaarghh! (she was my first option!!!!)
  • Another plan was meeting another friend but since she was going to Baguio we were not able to meet..
  • I texted another one and gladly she came the way all from where i am
I was still so very badtrip just when i suddenly realize i was smiling..


dahil sa knya.
he actually made my day a bit okay. =D

One more thing happened:
  • Pauwi na ln aq heres what happen, i was sitting comfortably sa bus, biglang nag-announce un driver: "TRANSFER NA LANG PO TYO SA IBANG BUS!" grrrrr i need to wait another one.


I will never ever to plan going out on the next friday the 13th. grrrrrrr!

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