Monday, July 12, 2010

Press On

I always say to myself.. press on, esha press on! but what does press on really means? Press on, for me is trying to succeed after all the failures, trying to be strong even when im really weak inside, trying to smile after that moments of sadness, trying to accept everything that life life is really touch and go.. Some will stay, some will just passes you by. Some will continue holding on, some will find new love. Press on is actually another term for “moving on” or “moving forward” All the bitterness from the past must be forgotten naturally not by force.. Life is now, not the past. Thus, If we all continue living in the past we will grow emotionally unhealthy, thinking over and over someone who is not there anymore..someone who already chose a new path to take. It is indeed very painful but as they say: “Time heals all wounds, though ofcourse it will always leave a scar” The choice is always in our hands, the decision is ours.. Everyone deserves happiness even when true happiness is really very hard to find we must be strong to stick to what we really want in life. You may never know that the person whose destined for you is just around the corner.. Oopss..did i just say destiny? haha well i dont know if it is really true but most lovers say to their gfs/bfs that he/she is her/his destiny.. well its because theyre inlove , they feel love that makes them say sweet nothings but in the practical view, is it really true? Are the words worth believing for? What if they break up then they both find someone else to love, was it still destiny then? Hmm my point is, theres nothing really permanent in this world, even feelings do change so you cant always mean what you say even if you feel it coz life is too unsure and so is Love. Broken promises make it worse especially when you almost believe it will happen in reality. Its not bad to make a promise, whats the bad thing is, they wont make it come true. So as the saying goes: “Promises are always made to be broken” Sometimes it really bring confusion in my mind why relationships always starts with a “HI” then always ends up with a very sad painful “GOODBYE” Why do they let each moment slips away so fast? A lot of questions left unanswered.. But sometimes its better not to know everything, every reason coz it might hurt might not just scratch the heart thus it can cut like a deadly knife.. emotionally dead was it? lolz
So there you go, my views are just my views, everyone can agree or disagree with my thoughts, i wont mind. JUst give some love and respect.. weee!Ive been waiting for my downloads to finished lift nothing to do so i just got blogged.

Till next
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