Thursday, September 2, 2010


 From here to there.  

All the words had already been said over and over again. But still misunderstood. worst? ignored.  Sometimes the last option you can have is to let go. move on. No one would care, its just still you whose bothered everytime. But why does it happen when you're on the moment that you're free and could just go, your feet is stucked and just cant move. How can you be so helpless, why are you so weak to go on alone? For god-damn sake, does the person ever needs you?! Why cant you just see that life would be better off alone those people who do nothing but to hurt you. Worse, they doesnt know that you get hurt.  You are not important to them coz if you are, they will do everything to make you feel more than what you deserve to feel.

Words are nothing unless expressed.  

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