Monday, December 13, 2010

Beauty Tip # 19: Blackheads away

What to do?

Combine 3 tablespoon of baking soda with 3 tablespoon of water. Rub this solution on your skin or to the affected area.  Leave for a few minutes and rines well with warm water for effective blackhead extraction.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How I wished life has a playback button, or simply like a video you can edit, crop the sadness,  rearrange the scenes, delete the unwanted happenings and save the happiness.

See? How life could be so unfair sometimes, when someone you love doesn't loves you back and just leaves you standing there alone. when someone you like cant be someone you love because of that fear that the same painful scenario will happen again. If feelings can only be controlled, this world would be a better place to live in..or maybe its not just the feelings itself.. it depends on the person. Confusion grows, a single lie discovered is enough to create contagious doubt over every other truth expressed. There are really so many things that are really painful to accept. Like when one person bumped into a relationship, they say; "its for the couple to realize that they are not for each other" or sometimes it can also be a trial on how far your relationship can go, it can be a matter of holding on. But who really knows? What if it was the right person that came at the wrong time? How can you run after destiny if it already ran away from you? Or what if you already have them but you let them go? What if its too late?

Love makes the world go round, and it is also love that makes people crazy funny, crazy sweet, crazy serious and crazy psycho. (oh! too much love takes away the brain away haha just kiddin) I admire so much the people who faithfully love their partners that a part of my brain is telling my eyes,find someone like that; telling my heart, love someone like that. But whats the big deal about finding the one you want to love  if love comes unexpected? Oh, it was wonderful right? But i think that was scary. They're like thieves, will just get your heart without permission and poof! you're inlove.

And then We can never really have a perfect choice, only the choice we know that can make us happy and complete even just for a while...

or luckily,

until the end of time.