Friday, March 4, 2011

EDSA @ 25

Left early around 5:30am to go to my bestfriend's house at Batasan Hills then got home 8:30am. Me and my bestfriend is rushing coz i need to be at home before 9am because my nephew will go to school. Regardless of the info that it is EDSA Day which means no classes at all levels, we were rushing to go to my nephew's school, later did we realize when my mom called, she said: "wala nga palang pasok ngayon" Haha. But we were near the school so we just pass by the school and yea it was closed. Next plan was going to SM Marikina to buy a cake and smartbro plug-in kit. We're supposed to wait for my mom at the school's gate but then we agreed to go and wait for my mom at SM Taytay instead of Marikina. We were early around 9:40am so we wait at the parking until the mall opens. Then my mom i guess she was in a total rush she stil go to SM Marikinia instead of Taytay..whoa! another 30 mins to wait. We actually need to go home early because its my sister's birthday and we need to do some preparations. 

So there, my mom arrived at SM Taytay around 12noon. We were in the supermarket when the staff announced that they are having technical problems with credit card transactions, duh  we need to wait. My mom go to the nearest BDO ATM, i got in the line for her and just called my mom when our turn is near. My mom withdrawed 10k and guess what, IT WAS DEBITED. GOSH! wattaday! We called a BDO Representative and reported it luckily, the supermarket's credit card transactions went okay already, saved by the bell! haha. Then here comes SMART, uber duper bagal ng service. It took 1 hour per person how was that?!! We inquired earlier and just got back to buy the plug-in kit and we waited almost 2 hours, i was so impatient and never cared at all blaming Smart's very slow service.

We got home at 2pm and still rushing, we cooked pansit and chicken. My mom cooked sinukmani earlier before she left the house. We ate around 3:30pm and still rushing coz me and my bestfriends are going to Baguio in the evening.

Instead of EDSA REVOLUTION, Id rather call this day, SM REVOLUTION. Its very memorable, really.

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