Monday, March 21, 2011

So thats Baguio!

Since after i graduated i wanted to go to Baguio but due to some reasons it was always postponed. This 2011, is a different year coz this year i want my plans to get done. Atleast someone told me that if i wanted something i must pursue to have it. That i must believe and make it happen. So i did.

I was so excited, It was my first trip to Baguio. i was filled with unexplained happiness. After that bumpy roads ive been through, after the efforts unappreciated, after being left behind i find my heart at peace even just for a while. Too much drama haha.

Anyway, the moment i arrived Baguio, i can barely walk, shivering from cold its like i stepped into a freezer hahaha. We waited about 20mins for my best friend to contact her cousin, their place is on top of the hill and its so damn cold there.  I was amused at the driver how he managed to drive into the up and down road curves. The view was fantastic. If i had wings, i would dive and fly hahaha, funny thought.

On our first day we watched the street parade, stroll at the Burnham Park, bought bonnets for the three of us. We ate kwek-kwek on stick and kalamay. The cold weather is really nice, i so love it. The sun was up but the wind is still cold. We went boating at Burnham. (100pesos for 30 mins/150pesos for 30 mins with rower) We choose the one with rower coz we dont know how to row the boat but we tried how just for experience, it was hard! 

Places we visited
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Session Road
  • Public Market
  • Lourdes Grotto
  • Jollibee Baguio
  • SM Baguio

    The next day we wake up early to watch the Grand Float Parade. We were on the streets at 5am and patiently waited. The parade started at pass 8am and ended 10:30am. I so love the DUNKIN DONUTS FLOAT. The flowers are detailed and looks really fabulous. We saw Sam MIlby, Enchong Dee, Empoy and other Kapuso and Kapamilya stars which i do not recognize hahaha. There are 16 floats that joined the parade. Before the 2 floats arrive, there was quite a commotion coz the people thought the parade was finished so they started going down away from the side of the streets. The crowd control assigned to theit positions rushed to that area and it looked as though we were in Malacanang and the people are rallying hehehe.

    The crowd was huge.



     Places we visited:

    • Minesview
    • Wright Park
    • Good Shepherd
    • Botanical Garden
    • Pilak
    • The Mansion
    • pass thru Teacher's Camp  

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