Saturday, April 16, 2011

APRIL fools me

Oh so well, here comes April. A lot of bittersweet moments that happened way back and yea im still here standing still from a place called unknown. I really dont know if im going backwards or moving forward, can you tell? So many times i thought i am okay but most of the time it feels im not. I dont know but its all messed up.  So many things i fear so much that the only thing i can do is run away or pretend that everything will be okay...soon. Hands trembling, tummy's cramping whats more worse than having that nervous feeling over something you want but too scared enough to try again? Whats done is done, whats felt will always stay and so does the memories. Well, every month and everyday i still hold on meeting luck and success along the way. Im not that addicted to horoscopes but the prediction this year says that its my lucky year and so i need to believe, i have to. I always wished life could be sweeter to me next time.

"Sometimes in life there are bonds that are formed that can never really be matter what."

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