Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Last Memory

The last memory could be the happiest or may be the saddest.. To believe even the most unbelievable lines, to trust and love wholeheartedly is the most unselfish but risky thing to do. It comes packed when youre in it, it doesnt have just happens and you feel it like the wind, existing yet unseen. To be strong for someone whose weak even when the truth is youre dying inside but you stil continue to stand for that person because its the only hope you can see. But what if that certain person suddenly leaves you? How would you feel? Its as if youre stabbed by a knife when youre looking ahead for the promised future. And now, whats the point in being strong when you can freely admit that YOURE WEAK and it weakens you more to know that theres no other reason to be strong anymore.

Let life be your judge and it will take you when its time.

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