Thursday, March 1, 2012

February: Love Month

It has been a full month for me, memorable moments.  Wonder what are those? Well, reasons to be happy are moments that are left untold but i ought to share some..hihi. How can i forget 11? its my favorite number of course and a lot more. (*wink). 14, i was left alone at home but had the most sweetest valentine ever. My sister bring home 3 boxes of heart donuts and my nephew got me a pretty long rose. It's also infinity's birthday and it should really last. Two birthdays came as well, my aunt and my sister's. I prepared a little surprise for them and im glad it made them happy. I enjoyed the cakes so much, yummy!

My Aunt's theme was purple, as usual.

 My sister's was a hawaiian inspired theme. I made some crepe paper flowers and a flower crown.

Above that, i am also planning for my mom's 60th so i was kinda occupied. So long February..see you next @ 2013.

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