Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reformatted at long last

My computer running very really slow.  I've got a lot of files most of it are old pictures and past design projects. Before i only have one internal hard drive but since the time i lost all my data files (something happened i dont understand that the only cure is to reformat it) I bought another hard disk to separate my data files from the program files.  Local Disk was the program files and Back Up contains all my important and not-so-important files from then on i dont worry much of losing my files again.  I also have 2 external hard drive (both 250gb) but is still not sufficient for all the files.   I needed a bigger storage for everything.  When our internet router got broken because of Habagat, the Smartbro technician came to our house to fix it and then advise me to reformat the computer as soon as possible. (Maybe because he saw that it was very full)  Gladly, my cousin suggest that they had a direct supplier of gadgets in their office and that he can buy it for me.  It was a lot cheaper, this 2 terabyte expansion hard drive cost for only 5,300 pesos.
My cousin laughingly told me: "Matagal pa siguro bago mo maubos yan.." Yeah i guess. Everything in the computer was 91.1 gb.  It took me almost a day to scan it to make sure theres no virus in it  So now, i have a room for new files and a bit faster to surf and do some offline stuffs.  After reformatting, i downloaded and installed all the necessary softwares (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Itunes, Bit Torrent etc...) And also, a lot of new fonts. I love FONTS so much. Here are some of it: 
If you like them too, You can download it here:

FONTS FOR PEAS - very nice scrapbook fonts
1001 FREE FONTS - random fonts

Reformatting is somewhat like moving on into a sad part of your life that sometimes you wish that forgetting is as easy as reformatting, that means everything will be deleted in just a few clicks. But it's not.  Sad, isn't it?  There are things that we cant really forget and it become a part of our memory, it wont be destroyed by a virus or be corrupted, ever.

True, right?  Have a nice day!


  1. Wow, nice naman! 2 Terabytes? Thats loads and loads of space for all your files hehe :D

    1. u um 91.1 gb pa lang yun nacoconsume ko so i guess matagal tagal nga bago mapuno. hehe.

  2. wow daming fonts!...gusto ko rin sana bumili ng external kaya lang netbook lang gamit ko pwede kaya yun?

    1. Yup pwede sis external naman yun tsaka parang usb lang din, mas malaki nga lang yung masstore mo. Okay din kahit yun tig-250gb/500gb external mga 3k depende sa brand.. ^_^


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