Monday, October 1, 2012

Wake me up when September Ends

Another month has come to an end. When Ber months arrived, days goes by so fast.  Christmas is so near! We've started buying some gifts since there are lots of Sale and crowd isn't that huge yet.  Too excited but we haven't put a Christmas Tree yet and even Christmas decors. I guess we'll gonna buy some new decors but we'll be using the old Christmas Tree we had last year.

So there, yesterday my mom, my sister and me went to Robinsons MetroEast, we're just supposed to check on something but we ended up buying almost a dozen pair of shoes. It's our weakness! Besides, its very girl's never-ending wants. So i confess, these are our sins! (hahaha)

Australian Shoes 1500php - 800php shoes at 50% off! 
Same design, different i love colorful shoes. 
My sister likes shade of beige colors so all of those was her picks. My mom got two pairs as well.

 It took us almost 2 hours just in the Ladies Shoes department. I overheard someone talking to her friend: "Uy! Anong petsa na grabe mas matagal ka pa pala mamili ng sapatos kesa sakin! Tara na gabi na kaya wala na akong nabili puro sapatos na lang!" 
Hahaha. Funny but true.

 Even us we were trapped in the shoes section for the rest of the hours until closing.  So the ending we purchased too much shoes and some other girly stuffs. That's what happens when girls go malling together.  Really fun moments with my mom and sis.

My mom bought this because she wanted a very soft pillow she can use. It was really soft and too cute to use as a pillow, more like a stuff toy.  Unluckily, my nephew (my kulit boy) and i get this two cute and cuddly penguins from my mom which she freely gave to us with a little sad paawa expression in her  face hahaha.
The two penguins looks so sweet together. That's how it looks like when it is not folded. Kinda big..
 So bye September, Hello October!

Im looking forward to find the right salon and perfect hairstylist to give me this haircut.  A lot of times before my haircut is always murdered by hairstylists who cut my hair very differently from the style i want. To think that i show some pictures and explain the style i want and then will still end up a disaster. Though, it was not that bad but its when they cant achieve the outcome i want. Was it me or was it them? Anyway, still waiting to have my hair a bit longer. Also planning to re-dye my hair.

Till then!

"Life's ironic, how good can memories make you cry while the bad memories can make you laugh."



  1. gusto ko yung penguin mo :)

    1. thanks kulapitot ^_^

  2. I share the same weakness... shoes! I have a pillow like yours, but it's a turtle..

    1. nice nga sis yun pink shoes mo, where did you buy it?

      wow turtle! I was once a turtle collector , mga stuffs toys and anything that looks like turtle hehe.

  3. Gising na! October nah! Heehhe i love shoes but shoes do not love me. Have a big calves kasi.

    Pahaba ka nalang ng hair tapos pa trim mo lang. :-)

    1. Gising na ko sis. hehe thanks for waking me up.

      U um kaso some hairstylist dont get the hairstyle i want =(

  4. nice bonding with your mom and sis..i love shoes too.. mga friends ko naman ang nakakasama ko lagi sa pagbili ng shoes..then everytime na magsusukat ako they would say na ang ganda ng paa ko sana daw naging paa na lang ako..they're so bad hahaha.. ang cute ng penguin stuffed toys akin na lang yung isa hehe.. sa mga korean salon ata yang ganyang gupit eh..try mo sa tony and jackey :)

    1. hehehe ganun ang kulit naman ng friends mo. pero masaYA din pag friends ang kasama magshopping.

      naku pag binigay ko sayo yun isa tapos kay kulapitot un isa, wala na matitira kasi dalawa lang sila haha.

      thanks sa suggestion sis. ^_^


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