Sunday, October 28, 2012

Animal Themed Halloween + Pastries Overload

Happy Halloween Everyone!
We celebrated Halloween for the 3rd year here at Podium. Last year was Angry Birds Theme that was really a fun time for everyone since it was too popular then. This year's Halloween is sponsored by Nat Geo Junior Explorer, so animal costumes are appreciated but is not highly required. Any costumes are allowed even the usual scary ones and you just need to purchase 1500 worth to sign up for the registration.

Upon registration, they gave us a bag with few candies, lists of participating stores where to get the candy treats and stubs for Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and a free pictorial at Picture Company. So there we go, it's Trick or treat time!!!! It was tiring but fun to go from store to store to get some treats. And because i had a leg injury at the moment, i easily get tired walking. Thank God the elevators are always near the area. Hehe. We weren't able to claim the free pictorial at Picture Company, they were fully booked already but they told us that we can claim it until November so that's pretty okay, we'll just go back next time. We come across a store which i forgot the name that has a halloween backdraft and is offering a free picture taking. Dr. Smile also offers free photobooth where you can get your shots after liking their facebook page. Cool, huh?!

Here are some Animal kids costumes we spotted.  
(Pictures are taken with permission.)
Other costumes: Scary, Superheroes etc.
My Nephew wore a Dinosaur and a Dracula costume.
I must say this year's Halloween is really meant for kids.The event starts at nearly 5:00pm. They had a lot of games where my nephew won two times. The prizes are sponsored by Toy Kingdom. The event host told everyone: "There will be no losers this time,everyone deserves a prize."  So as long as you're part of the game you are entitled for a prize even your group wins or not. Actually, all games should be like that, dont you think? So my nephew was really happy to get two prizes. (one prize he really won it, the other is just given because he participated the game.)
 Aside from getting tired and aching feet, we get lots of different candies. And there goes my childhood favorite candies: the Hawhaw (milk candy) and Yakee (sour gumball) Yehey! Really happy.

Hey! around 3:00pm, me and Arline met. She brought me the pastries i ordered from her. 

She's really nice. I'm happy to meet her in person yet too sad because we weren't able to have more time for chitchats. 0_o

So that's the boxes she carried all the way from Caloocan to Ortigas. Hehe. Aww..suddenly I felt shy. -_-

WE LOOK CUTE HERE! and yes pretty indeed!!!!! 
no violent reactions please hahaha. ^_^

 Heres the yummy sweets i ordered
So i'll take this chance to write my reviews/feedbacks. 

Custard - It was really delicious. My sister loved it much. And since this is just one i sliced it into 8 pieces like a pizza haha so everyone in the family can have their share.

Mamon - I like the sugary taste and the merengue on top made me really happy. Sugar-sweet fanatic hehe.

Cupcakes - The wrapper was nice, the taste was really yummy and the sweetness of the icing was just right. 

Thanks so much again Arline. It was always nice to meet a new friend 
especially a talented and pretty friend like you.

 We got home around 9:00pm and i was really dead tired, thanks to Ibuprofen for making all the body pains go away.  Till next.


  1. ang ku-cute ng mga animal costumes ng mga kids..buti naman nag-enjoy ang pamangkin mo..agree ako dapat talaga lahat may prize sa games kahit hindi nanalo at least may consolation diba?

    so happy too that ive met you..sayang we didnt have much time to bond..pero im sure naman na may next time pa ;)

    and im overwhelmed sa feedback hehe..thanks a lot sis :)

  2. u um nga para lahat ng bata masaya. hehe!

    thanks so much too sis till next ^_^

  3. Ang cute nung baby na parang sumo ba yun. tsaka yung boy na dracula. hehe. Happy Halloween :)


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