Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decembering: Busy Bee

 Hello everyone! I'm still alive haha..just got been so busy for the past few weeks and for the coming weeks.. who else is not busy, anyway? Mehehe! Christmas is just a few days to go, are you guys excited?
 Me? I guess so! It will be our first Christmas together with my sister who was in abroad for almost 7 years. She does go home once a year or so but not exactly on Christmas season - we always have an advance celebration or via skype on the 25th, so this year is really really as in really special for us. Yey!

So there's our tree, not so ready yet for the most awaited day. Honestly, we don't really have the free time to put up the Christmas tree months before. So little time, so much things to do ang peg mehehe! Pity our Christmas tree waaaah.. Anyway, i'll post the Christmas tree's finished look on the 25th. Watch out for it and see the difference.



I am truly overwhelmed for the feedbacks of the SMP Blog Award i started last December 10. I enjoyed reading the answers of my awardees as well as following the other bloggers that was tagged. But since after a few days, i got busy and wasn't able to continuously follow other's SMP posts. Awww. so please if you were tagged by my awardees, kindly leave the link of your post - i would love to read your answers too as well as to be your blogger friend also. *wink*

And oh, I was requested by Lili to answer my own questions as well. That's so nice of you. I really thought i could pass on this hihi! anyway here are my answers:

Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Whose local/foreign celebrity would you want to play you?

-->Angelina Jolie - looking pretty and sexy all the time. haha.

You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you?
-->Uhmm..maybe Cinderella's stepmother - i would like to try how to be really mean like making utos all the time. hehehe!
Aside from family, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?
-->Hmm..i guess that's passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers last 2007 and had been in the designing world for the past two years.

In your own views, what's the spirit of Christmas?
-->Christmas is giving love and quality time to our loved ones. It's the best gift we can ever give to them aside from the material gifts under the Christmas tree. Also, attending mass with the whole family as our gift to baby Jesus - since it was His birthday that we are celebrating.

 The Spirit of Christmas from others
I had copied some answers so let's hear it from them:

for me, the spirit of Christmas is not in giving or receiving gifts (pero baka isipin nio ayaw ko ng gift ha? tumatanggap p rin ako, masaya un eh... hehe!)...
     I believe, the true spirit lies with the special time you get to share Christmas with our family and friends... hindi naman natin mapagkakaila na mahirap mapagtugma-tugma ung mga schedule ng mga tao dahil sa kanya-kanyang mga trabaho o kung anumang pinagkakaabalahan... pero iba ang Pasko eh, eto ung time na tlgang pipilitin o gagawin ang lahat ng makakaya para makapiling mo ung mga taong importante sa buhay mo... may regalo o wala, basta makasama mo sila, pak na pak na un! bonus na lang naman tlg ung gifts eh! 

Siguro ang Pasko para sa akin yung pagbibigayan. Hindi dahil sa binigyan ka ng regalo eh naoobliga ka na rin na magbigay. Yung pagbibigayan na taos sa puso. Yung gusto mong magpasaya ng kapwa. Sa maliit o malaking paraan. Yun ang diwa ng Pasko para sa akin. Isa pa, ang pagkakasundo. Sa tuwing Pasko ay kinakalimutan muna ang mga away at sama samang nagdiriwang. Korni man ang pananaw ko pero ito ang gusto ng Diyos para sa ating lahat. Pagkakaisa.  - FREETOPLAY

Christmas is love. ♥ - TALINGGAW

Christmas is the ideal season - where we all want and strive for peace. Because I believe that where there is peace, we feel loving, happy, festive, we want to share. I hope we feel the spirit of Christmas not only on Christmas time, but every day. So that is the spirit of Christmas for me, it is filled with peace :) - ZAIZAI

Christmas is all about our love for Jesus Christ na ine-extend natin sa family and friends at sa lahat. It's about sharing and giving and not expecting for anything in return. - JOANNE

Kapayapaan! :) Pagiging kuntento sa puso ng bawat isa. Pag bibigayan, pagmamahalan at pakikipag-ayos sa mga taong medyo naging malayo ang loob sayo. :)

 Para sakin hindi ito panahon para sa mga kalandian  pagkainlab (na tipong malaPBB teens)! And actually, may napatulan nga akong picture/mensahe na nakita ko sa newsfeed ko... at eto yun: - PAOKUN

   Spirit of Christmas para sa akin ito yung time na nagmamahalan yung mga tao sa isa't isa. kahit na kaaway mo man sya o karibal sa pag-ibig. - CYRON

Christmas is salvation, coz a Saviour was born. A new beginning! Love!- JOY

Family, giving, loving and remembering the birthday of our dear saviour, Jesus Christ. - PINKLINE

Forgive me if i haven't copied everything, there's too many off them and i might have not viewed your SMP post yet - so please again if you've been tagged kindly leave the links below.



Something unusual happened to my site last December 11 (The webfont looks smaller in my view than it was before) i tried to fix what had gone wrong before writing another post but i got busy so i just don't mind as of the moment. I'll try to fix it next time, restoring and changing my layout will be my last resort. Awwww.



I was expecting to be flooded with lots of emails for this free e-gift but i was wrong. Only 4 people emailed me. haha! but i was still thankful because i really really got busy for the past few days that i dont even have time to post anything, bloghop and leave comments as well. So if it's that plenty i might not accommodate it all.. I really feel like i missed a lot in the blogosphere. Huhuhu. Mostly, i do this in my free minutes to relax over loads of paperworks. So there, this e-gift is just a simple something for you guys so i hope you really didn't expect too much weee. Btw, I also added other bloggers that i know and remember their names and blog without checking my blogger reading list..Wee! And so i've come up into 15 people. (including the 4 people that emailed me) For those added in the list, kindly click the image below to get your e-gift greetings..For those who aren't,  you can still request. ^_^


Every night before i sleep, i make bead bracelets for myself..this is something that tires me out at the same time makes me happy each time i finish a bracelet. I had a lot of bead stocks i bought from Wellmanson months ago. It's really fun to shop there and im kinda missing it..never been back there. -_-

Im also planning to give some of this beadworks this Christmas to my mom, sister and aunt.
 Hoping that i can also share this to all whoever wants a bead bracelet time maybe?

So there, I would visit other blogs when i had so much time to do so. I know everybody is really turning busy as Christmas is just a few days away.

Have a magical Christmas everyone, God Bless all!


  1. Merry Christmas, Maria!

    Di ko pa napost ang SMP ko. Maybe tonight. I'll let you know when it's up.

    1. Hello Lili! Its okay Thanks so much Merry Christmas too! ^_^

  2. Hi :) Merry Christmas in advance! :)) Lakas talaga maka girly ang theme ng blog na ito. Yey, na-kowt ang sagot ko sa award mo :)) Salamat. Ay, may paganyan ka pala na e-card, sayang 'di ako nakasali :(( next time na lang ahaha, ganda ng mga beads :))

    1. hello! merry Christmas too!

      Dont worry i might as well add more e-greetings - 2nd batch hehe.

      Thank you for appreciating the beads hihi!

    2. Yes! Welcome po :)

  3. Maria!!! sobra naman akong na-touch sa E-gift mo. Ang ganda ng designs. thanks a lot, I really appreciated it :)

    Maglalaan ako ng oras at space for this on my next post.

    Thanks again and Happy Christmas!

    1. Youre welcome Fiel! merry Christmas too.. ^_^

  4. Ang busy nga ng December mo Maria :) But it's all fun when you're busy because of the holidays no, may ibang rush :)

    Thanks for the SMP tag and the EGreeting :) Love reading the answers you posted, feeling ko Q&A portion sa Ms Universe, at syempre ako ang panalo haha :)

    Advance Merry Christmas and we're looking forward to your finished tree pics :) Happy about your sister celebrating Christmas with you btw, after 7 long years :)

    1. Yup.. since Dec 11, hindi na nga ako nakakpagblog hop at natigil un pagfofollow ko ng SMP posts ng ibang bloggers huhu hopefully i can bloghop again after this holiday rush.

      Youre welcome! Advance Merry Christmas too!

  5. sobrang busy talaga this december..dami ko gusto i-post pero hindi magawan ng post...buti naman sinagot mo rin yung questions curious din talaga ako sa mga sagot mo eh..hehe..

    thank you so much sis for the e-card at sa favor ko're the sweetest at makakabawi rin ako :)

    1. nakkastress ang holiday rush..u um nga i thought i can skip answering the questions hihi!

      Youre always welcome sis, Merry Christmas!

  6. i really agree with you. super busy talaga pag holiday.we have a lot to catch up. binabawasan ko nga pag tulog ko para maka blog hop nga. kaya kung slow yung internet, maloloka ako.

    chuper salamat tagala sa e-greetings, Maria. na download ko na sya ;-) tapos ibo blog ko din lahat ng naggreet sakin.

    1. aww ako been experience super slow connection tagal bago magload ang pages/site..kainis huhu

      Youre welcome.. Merry Christmas!

  7. wow! thank you very much Maria.... na surprise talaga ako.... ganda ng pagkakagawa....

    like na like ko ^^ thanks talaga

    Merry Christmas ^_^

    1. Youre welcome! Glad you like it.. Merry Christmas1

  8. Bago pa tayo maging busy babatiin na kita ng maligayang pasko.

    Salamat sa ecard at sa Christmas pic greet. Galing ng pagkakagawa :)

    Happy Holidays Ms. Maria :)

  9. Ako din sobrang busy mode, hehe! Thanks so much sa e-greeting! Ni-try kong i-copy e ayaw, haha! Ang dami mong talents ah, you can work magic with beads din pala! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! At advance happy new year na din in case maging busy ulet ako, hihi

  10. So pretty namn ng mga bead bracelets na ginagawa mo! Happy Christmas!


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