Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year Mountain Trip at Banahaw

Last December 31, we drive off to the province of Dolores, Quezon where we spent our New Year. It was a 5-day trip with the family. We stayed at the very top of Mount Banahaw, the holy mountain, A one-hour trek until we reached the place where we can put up tents. It was really cold! A bit colder than Baguio's weather i guess. You wont sweat a bit. When it's sleeping time, I had 2 jackets over my shirt and 2 pajamas with a thick blanket haha. takot ginawin.   It gets really dark at 6:00pm. The sound of the crickets are all over the place.

Poor cellphone signal and no electricity up here. We use flashlights, candles and gaseras. For those who are not familiar with gasera, it's similar to lampara, a bottle with a cloth tip and gas inside that serves as the fuel for the light. Really back to basics, natural living. We cook food with the help of dried branches from trees or commonly called, gatong. Food cooked in gatong has a different taste, an aroma that is undeniably craving for. Even a simple noodle soup tasted so bongga, you'll really ask for more. We also had spaghetti, pansit canton, laing, bicol express and a lot of yummy unique foods. Postponed diet  Everyday is like fiesta hehe!

On the second day of our stay, there's a medium-sized silver gray snake appeared under the dapog (fireplace) where all the gatongs are. We were all in shock, someone got a stick then the other got an itak (bolo knife) I was really terrified. The other day, another reddish brown snake was found near the portable restroom, its a bit smaller than the other one but they said that it is more poisonous. From then, i become scared especially at night. What will happen if there's a snake beside me and before i know it, it bit me already. I can't even go to the CR alone haha.

Some of our far relatives was also here so it's more like a family gathering.  Every night, we pray and each time we visit holy caves and waterfalls. Btw, we've been going here since i was a kid along with my cousins during vacation months especially when its Holy Week.

Sharing some shots below. Camera used: Olympus SP 800UZ

With my kitty cat pillow
 Cooking the natural way
Flaming hot Gatong
Palitaw and Maja Blanca for only 10pesos each
A view from Mount San Cristobal that is said to be the Devil's Mountain..creepy!
From the other side of it..Peaceful view i hope i have wings so i can fly..mehehe!
Lost in green way to Mt.Calvary
Mt. Calvary (Kalbaryo)

Among the popular destinations in Mt. Banahaw include "Kalbaryo" (Calvary), "Kweba ng Diyos Ama" (Cave of God the Father), "Husgado" (Cave of Judgement), and the allegedly curative spring at Brgy. Kinabuhayan. Aside from the three Durungawan viewpoints at the summit, hikers can also explore the cave and the crater view overlooking Guis-guis and Tubig ng Gatas and Tubig ng Dugo rivers.

Along the length of Cristalino trail are some attractions such as Cristalino Falls, Suplina Falls, Salamin Bubog, Kweba ng Diyos Ama, Pintong Lihim (Sacred Door), and Niluhuran. On the other hand, the trail of Tatlong Tangke passes by the Kapatagan (plains) and the three natural water tanks.

Found within the Kinabuhayan area are the Bakas (Christ’s foot print), Santo Calbaryo (Calvary), Tres Personas, Ilog ng Landas, Ina ng Awa, Husgado Cave, Kweba ni San Pedro, Kweba ni San Pablo, Prisintahan, Dolorosa, Piedra Mental, Ciudad Mystica, Buhok ng Birhen, and Nunong Lalake.
-source: WikiPilipinas

 Way to Inang Santissima Falls

Every time i see a centipede....
when i was a little girl,  i freak out. 
Now that i'm big, i just say: "Hello Centipede, may i pass?"
(then i'll hold my breath and wait for it to go away until it's gone haha)

Flower Shots
And lastly, my most favorite shot,
A meaningful sunflower
Like it tells us that life will always be beautiful no matter what.

Before we finally go home, we stop by the nearby places along the way. Bought a lot of vegetables and a dozen of Buko. How we wanted to buy more but there's no place in the car to put them. it's only 10 pesos each! We had buko salad the day after. hihi!

I really enjoyed the trip. I love the nature so much, the cold breeze of the unpolluted air, the green scenery, how i wished we can stay longer.  Just that, as soon as we got home, that's the time i felt my whole body aching in pain. Aching na, pain pa..san ka pa hehe! My sleeping muscles has been stretched too much so it's Ibuprofen to the rescue..thank God.  Looking forward to go back here this Holy Week.

Till next! Hope you all had a very happy new year celebration too! ^_^


  1. isa na namang masayang is always good to get closer to nature... ang ganda ng mga flowers... bihira na ako makakita ng ganyan dito sa Manila

    1. Thank you.. really nice nakakarelax ^_^

  2. Akala ko advanced Holy Week special na hehe! Kakaiba ang naging celebrations nyo ng New Year ha. Malayo sa usok at nakakabinging tunog ng mga paputok :)

    Ganda ng mga shots mo Maria!

    1. Hahaha! uu nga noh but im sure kung sa Holy Week maraming tao dito..

      Thank you! ^_^

  3. Oh. I can't wait for the warmer months. I hope we get to go camping again. Nainggit ako sa adventure ninyo.

    I was inggit too with the Php10 na palitaw at maja blanca. 4 for a dollar lang. :)

    1. Hehe yup so cheap and so tasty..mabait nga si manang she added plenty niyog and sugar for the palitaws we bought from her. ^_^

  4. Taga Quezon ako pero di pa ako naka-akyat dyan. Ang ganda pala, kailangang isama sa mga scheduled trip ito.

    1. You may schedule yun visit mo this Holy Week yun lang sobrang dami tao as in.

  5. Para sa akin, masarap ang kanin kapag niluto sa gatong... or sa kawayan. Medyo matamis kapag sa kawayan. :P Yung dilaw na bulaklak? Ano kaya 'yon?

    1. Ay hindi ko pa natry yun niluto sa kawayan.. hmmm? Candle flower ata un tawag nila dun.

  6. hi sis! i missed you hehe.. kakaiba ang new year's celebration nyo ha sa bundok talaga..hindi pa ko nakakapunta ng banahaw..baket ang konti ng pictures nasa fb ba yung iba?

    1. Hello sis! miss you too! uu nga namundok nga. Naku hindi pa ko nakakapagupload hehe tamad mode pa waah hehe ^_^

  7. nakaka rejuvenate kapag nagpunta tayo sa lugar na ang makikita natin ay kulay green, may bundok o kaya dagat, parang deep inside of you, kapag nagbreathe ka, napaka peaceful at ang sarap ng feeling na renewed na renewed ka.

    at gusto ko yang maja! sarap!

  8. nakaka renewed ang feeling everytime pumunta tayo sa lugar na malayo sa city, yong hangin presko, walang maingay na mga sasakyan, puro green ang nakikita sa paligid, i believed na na rejuvenate mo ang iyong sarili sa adventure mo, nainggit nga ako, hindi ko na matandaan when was the last time i visited places na may puro kahoy lang, halaman, bulaklak at higit sa ang bundok na nagbibigay ng magandang tanawin sa baba. love ko ang maja, classic na classic lang.

    1. Yes exactly very relaxing.. u um nga iba ang lasa ng mga kakanin pag sa probinsya, mas masarap at mas mura hehe. ^_^

  9. ang saya ng adveture! kaya lang scary ang eksena ng snakes ang insects. I guess part ng adventure ang pagpapakita nila :)

    love the pics of the flowers, lalo na ung sunflower :)


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