Monday, June 10, 2013

Thief Report: Bye Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Hello everyone! How's everything goin on? Had a bad shocking experience yesterday and this post is intended to alert everyone to be AWARE of pickpockets. Damn! They are really all scattered everywhere, its so disappointing.  Looking back, the scenario goes like this:

We went to Robinsons Metro East yesterday to buy school supplies at National Bookstore. As we enter the store, there are lots of people inside.  We put out the list of things to buy and started to find what's in the list one by one.  We just need folders then we're done so my cousin went in the FOLDER section to get some. When she kneel down to look for folders in the lower compartment, of course she was busy then. Other people was busy too. She felt someone pulled her bag from the back and since it was crowded her instant response was she pulled it again back in her front but as she pulled it back, HER BAG WAS OPEN and her phone is already gone. It was really that quick she didn't even see who was at her back.  
Very shocking on our part.

We reported and asked if we can look at their CCTV in that way we can see that damn snatcher. Before that, i tried to call and text but it was turned off in a matter of three minutes. There was no way to retrieve it back. Poof..its gone just like that. We hoped that the phone will be returned to us but it was hopeless. Though it's not actually the phone that is really important, but what's in it - pictures, videos, important files and the like. That part was really heartbreaking. Any time when there's enough money, the phone can be replaced but the memories stored in it is gone forever.

After that, several people in that store lost their phones and wallets too. Worse, the other lady just knew that she lost her wallet when she is about to pay in the cashier.  Analyzing what happened, they were really professional snatchers/pickpocketers. Thought of it can be an inside job maybe. Duh. How come that the place where all the valuable things are stolen in the area where there is no cctv camera? When we look from their monitor, the security guard told us that there was no cctv there. "Hindi po hagip ng camera yung banda dun ma'am. at kung sakali man ho may kasama yun at naipasa na sa labas" So they know the scheme why did they let it all pass? I guess there are 5 security guards in the store and how come they didn't catch even one single snatcher? Overheard from a ladyguard "Kahapon nga din ho may nawalan na din" How about the other days when it is more crowded? How about the other people whose money are budgeted, its all they have and then it was stolen from them? How about the other people who took it so long to save money so he/she can buy his/her phone and it was lost just like that. What kind of security is that??! It sucks!

The ending, we just go to the police station of the mall and file a blotter report then go home.

Calling the attention of National Bookstore security personnel,
PLEASE be alarmed and do immediate action especially during the month of May and June when sudden crowd are going to your stores for school supplies. You don't need to employ 5 or more guards to catch a shoplifter/pickpocketers/snactchers and don't ever use a CCTV camera if it is very useless.  Try hiring a staff who will act as civilians that will be in-charge to look over in every corner of the store. Then let's see how many you can catch within the day.
In life, there are lost things that you can never get back, it feels traumatic. It's not really safe anywhere. Everyone must be really careful and watchful in the surroundings. I've come up with this things for safety purposes you might want to consider.

Important Things to Had in Mind everytime you go out
  • Have a good prayer before leaving the house
  • If going out more than 1, Be on guard, look after each other's belongings
  • It's not safe to text in public even at mall using a nice phone
  • Back up your pictures and all important documents/files
  • Don't save your password and other important details in your notes app or even the notes app with password
  • Have a dummy phone. If your phone is somewhat big and touchscreen (Samsung, Iphone, Blackberry phones etc) always bring with you a phone that you can use anywhere - something inexpensive and not eyecatching
  • Have a dummy wallet. Don't put all your money and id's in one wallet. Better to separate your important id's.
  • Don't leave your valuable things UNATTENDED, most especially your loved ones.
  • Be vigilant. Bad people are proven to be scattered all over the place.

Till then! Keep safe everyone.

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