Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A bit stronger in July

July wasn't that bad yet it wasn't that good, more like the in betweens of things that are beyond my control.  It wasn't a fruitful month but i am hoping that it will be coming soon and that i will be close enough to meet success at the finish line.  I know "Things are difficult before they come easy" so i guess no other thing to do but be stronger and just give my very best.

Too emotional for the past few weeks?'s just the emo-mode was left turned on, i forgot to turn it off..haha! Seriously blame the rainy weather- just like when other people get emotional when it rains. Plus i guess a lot of breakups happened recently like the Billy-Nikki Romance. aww that's so saddening. (read from Yahoo News) what's more?

Anyway, life is a matter of choices.  If something in your life doesn't work out as you wish, then there's always options right after every choice.  Don't try pushing yourself into something that has been already closed and ended (you'll just get disappointed) rather choose alternatives.  Remember that God always provides another path for us to take that will bring us happiness. We just have to Trust Him in everything.

"When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window"

 Bring it on August.. Happy Wednesday to all!

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