Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ain't no Super

 A month full of unexpected happenings, good and bad they go together always. It's like the two of them are destined to each other. When something good happens, something bad is ought to happen. And when something bad is quite happening, well expect something good in least it will.

For the past few weeks of having such bitter luck it was almost depressing. Mostly bury myself reading dozen of E-books that keep my mind off from such sickening thoughts. Pretending to be really super but usually end up a weakling. ugh.

The final straw, it is. i guess. Life is just so unpredictable. It is quite unfair especially when you give all the best and yet still end like you've never done any good. Like being still the worst of the worst. I just remembered and kinda miss my old blog banner with a quote that says: "For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't understand, no explanation is possible." It kinda affect me. Yeah it was awfully right. No explanation is needed for people who know you better than anything and/or anyone, they wont easily fall to believe the wrong things. At least they give the benefit of the doubt, they never judge right away.  And yes, no explanation could ever possible to anyone who never believed that you had been good and true enough.

The truth is, people will always try to look for mistakes, they never ever learn to appreciate. That's the bad about the good thing? Will it be coming any sooner?

Nobody wants to admit to this, but bad things will keep on happening.  Maybe that's because it's all a chain, and a long time ago someone did the first bad thing, and that led to someone else to do another bad thing, and so on.  You know, like that game where you whisper a sentence into someone's ear, and that person whispers it to someone else and it all comes out wrong in the end.

But then again, maybe bad things happen because it's the only way we can keep remembering what good is supposed to look and feel like.

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