Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Aftershock

Time flies so fast when we enjoy what we do and seems too slow when we don't seem to enjoy what we do, we just wanted to pull the days faster hoping for something better to come our way.  July how could it be this way?

Warning: Obviously an extension of last month's rants.

Tangled up
A month wrapped in daunting turmoil.  I really cant believe how unpredictable life can be.  How one moment of happiness could turn into a chain of unstoppable dysphoria.  It scares me to death now to be so happy knowing in exchange of it would made me feel twice sad.  Most of people believe that, and i guess im one of them.  Somehow, i think it will still depend on how we accept and react to those chaotic situations.  But sometimes, we really cant help it to feel defeated.

Life's experiences are truly the best teacher anyone can have. We learn a lot from mistakes and wrongful actions.  Thus, hardship should not make us bitter but wiser enough to make the rightest decision for ourselves.  It's just really hard to accept the unacceptable truth even when both the heart and mind completely disagrees, still can't do anything but to acquiesce.

It just happens when it happens. I really have no fair choice to choose.  Either i devour my mind with fear or face the nightmare of reality. Both could be difficult to take anyway.

Lost Joy
I never see it coming, nor expected the possibility it would happen. Suddenly, boomed the heartbreaking decision then that's it. No luck, a lil bit of chance that actually means no matter how hard i try to insist, still gonna be rejected.  All that's left was the scattered fragments of what should have lasted for a long time, if only it was precious enough to keep. I guess not this time.

Better in time
Hope is something everyone can hold on to when everything else goes wrong and you feel that you have nothing. Bet if you have it, you'll have everything easier to take.  I guess it's all just a test of faith one must endure.  In the end, hoping that the pain and suffering would be all worth it. Honestly, much easier said than done.  Im quite confuse to comprehend in what i am saying though.  -_-

"It's hard to reveal your true emotions.  But it's harder to keep calm and swallow your own pain just to pretend that youre totally fine."

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