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Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7

Starring:  Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, Park Shin-hye

Run time: 127 minutes

Movie Info: The film is a heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for accusation such kidnapping, sexual abuse, and murdering a police commissioner’s daughter. Lee Yong Gu (Ryu Seung Ryong) who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, and they help him see Ye Seung (Kal So Won), his daughter again by breaking her in.

"The miracle lies between the fun and emotion.."


I had been seeing this in my news feed lately that made me curious about it. So, one day i give it a try and watch via Youtube (no buffering, thank goodness!) At first, i thought it was a bit boring like other prison story movies. But as the film continues, I've got to control my emotions at some scenes that is really heart wrenching. Yet, i couldn't stop those tears, really. I never thought i could cry this much in just watching a movie. I do recommend this movie if you want something to watch that will touch your heart.  Be sure to watch it alone if you don’t want to be seen pathetically crying over a i did. (Been alone at home for quite some time, living in my own - It adds up to the sad feeling i quess)
It all started from a promise of giving Ye Seung a Sailor Moon-printed bag for her first day of school. There is only one stock left in the store, claiming that it will be for Ye Seung but his money is not yet enough to buy it. At that same moment, it has been bought for the police commissioner's daughter. It's not really because of the Sailor Moon bag but that it where the conflict arise.

One day, the police commissioner's daughter saw Lee Yong and told him that there was a store nearby that sells the Sailor Moon bag that he could buy for Ye Seung. So he followed the little girl. When this little girl accidentally slipped down and knocked her head in the cement, Lee Yong hurriedly came near trying all his best to revive the girl. He made CPR which made him look forcefully kissing the little girl. (A woman saw him and assumed it that way) When he wasn't getting any sign of breathing, Lee Yong unzip the little girl's pants pulling it down a bit for proper blood circulation purposes, they say. Also, pumping the little girl's chest adds up to the accusation that Lee Yong tried to rape the little girl and killed her at the same time.

See? assumptions are really bad. I mean, when you actually didn't see it with your own eyes, why judge someone easily? Also, sometimes, not all that we see are real enough to believe because the truth could be hidden somewhere else we couldn't see. It's for us to feel and give the benefit of the doubt for people we know or we don't know.

Back to the story, the policemen didn't investigate at all, they assumed it was the way they all what to think it is. They put Lee Yong in jail, forced him to admit the accusations or his daughter Ye Seung will be in danger. But before that, Lee Yong had gain friendship in Cell no. 7 which help him see Ye Seung again. 
 Ye Seung had stayed in the prison cell for about two days until the time they were caught.
 The most saddest, heart wrenching part of all.. It was indeed hard to say goodbye but sometimes it happens against your will. It's like if he could have been brave enough to stand for what is truly right then maybe there could still be a chance for them to be together. But Lee Yong had been psychologically intimidated and the Police Commissioner also threatened him at the time of his trial so he had no other choice but to accept the crime he never did. He was then sentenced to death.
Truly heartbreaking scene. I'm not about to tell the whole story..go watch if you haven't, it will surely strike you.

My Final Thoughts:

The movie shows the remarkable love between a father and daughter. Love is definitely stronger than anything. It can give us happiness and pain at the same time. It is also love that bring us back what had been lost in ourselves. I laughed my head off and the other moment tears rolled out of my eyes. A family, a court, redemptive drama rolled into one.

Korea has a lot of good drama to watch, and obviously this is one of those good movies. Like after you watch it you will then realize the reality in our society that it does happen most of the time. Imprisonment and death sentence to innocent people, especially those who are poor and can't afford to fight because they are being persuaded to accept falsity ideas of the crime they never done. In this life, justice is not something every innocent person gets, that's for sure.

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