Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hopeful October

The past months wasn't all that good but this month, i guess, might be good in some way.  It did. I just know it. Maybe because i tend to focus looking at the good things in anything bad that has happened or just about to happen..  Not really that happy, hopefully one step closer to that.

Awful Awesomeness
Lately, gained weight which is not so good and also, some emotional issues came along the way (that made me want to eat too much *ulk) It's really hard to believe i'm okay a bit dying inside but i guess it does made me even more stronger than i thought i will be. I learned a lot from everything. I learned that there are those things that go wrong and can't always be fixed. Some broken things stay broken. Some that are lost, remain lost or maybe some of those lost things have a way of coming back to us in the end, if it's meant to be. I'm madly hoping that i could still erase the unwanted happenings in my life but i do know that isn't possible.  So instead of trying to get rid of it, i just let it be there to remind me of the things i should and shouldn't do. I could regret everything if i wanted to, but that isn't really necessary. Everything do happen for reasons, we will soon find out why it ever happened to us. Life becomes a bit easier when you know what really matters and that's what i realized the most. Sometimes we really don't need to insist ourselves to others. Or even try harder to reach their expectations, It's more about who doesn't make you feel like you're a lesser person and in spite of all the flaws they've seen in you, they still chose to stay.

Well, now just patiently waiting for whatever life has stored in for me. And im kinda bit excited with that. Yay!
Life goes on. Remember that.

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