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Movie: English Only, Please

 Starring:  Jennylyn Mercado, Derek Ramsay

Release Date: December 25,  2014
40th Metro Manila Film Festival Entry

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Julian Parker (Derek Ramsay) comes to Manila from New York with only one goal: to perfectly recite the Filipino translation of his angry letter to his half-Pinay ex-girlfriend Megan all with the help of the perky Filipino-English tutor he hired online. Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn Mercado) is a top-notch Filipino-English tutor. She is strict and feisty and takes pride in teaching English and/or Filipino to more than 142 Americans, Fil-Ams, Koreans since 2006. Taking the perfect light romantic-comedic tone of popular Asian movies, with feisty leading ladies who are funny, charming and lovable English Only, Please is a simple love story about how love knows no bounds. -Wikipedia


Hello! How's the festive fun goin' on? I hope you all had a marvelous time with family and friends. Yesterday, I was invited by a friend to watch an MMFF movie. EOP movie is a random choice. I'm more into horror films but then, it's been a while since i haven't watched a romance-comedy movie so going for this one makes me a bit excited. Guess what, i never thought i could relate so much to it and will be inspired in a way. Yay!

Anyway, these are my hugot thoughts on some of my most favorited scenes.

 "Julian is talking to his dad via video call then his father said this: We never forget the people we love. Once they're gone, they're gone. We just have to stop thinking about what went wrong and start thinking what's going right." 

It's absolutely true. There will come a time in our life that we will meet that special someone and we will love them with all our hearts. And even after they'd left us, they still stay in our hearts. We still have this love for them even we know they already found someone else. We stalk them. We hold on to the tiniest bit of hope that there's still a little love left for us and that they also feel the same heartbreak we are feeling. Forgetting them could be so hard coz no matter how we try not to remember, we sometimes end up thinking about them..over and over again.

 "Julian in the bar, drinking alone, girls approached him."  
 Girl 1: (I forgot what the girl said haha) 
 Julian: I just want my privacy..please. 
Girl 2: Hi! Im (insert girl's name) and you are...? 
Julian: Im......NOT interested. 
Girl 3: What are you doing? (something like that) 
Julian: Stalking my ex-girlfriend! 

This made me really laugh and yeah reminds me of someone. It's true when a person loves you too much, they won't be interested with anyone no matter how attractive (seductive) they may be. It's quite unbelievable for some, coz sometimes when people get their hearts broken, they go for anybody who will make them forget the pain even just for a short while. So totally hats off to those few who never used and never plan to use other people to get over their exes.

 "Tere shouted at a konduktor over her frustration being single and alone while waiting in line to ride a jeepney - Oo na! Ako na! Ako na ang mag-isa! Ako na ang martir! Then when she passed by a couple she blurted out: "Maghihiwalay din kayo!" 

I bet all the singles out there laugh hard over this scene. Yes, it may be a bit predictable but still it came out really humorous. The serious teary-eyed Tere helped a lot for anyone to easily connect to that sad feeling. That harsh reality we can't deny that sometimes we become alone, we feel alone, we've been used, left broken by the people we truly love. We end up wondering why all those things have to happen and why it seems like we are never enough for someone to stay and be contented with us in the same way that we are to them.

Sharing the Movie Lines + Translation + My Hugot Thoughts
Oftentimes, we are naturally amused by the movie lines in the movies we are watching or had watched. Here are some of #EOPLines that'll surely hit you big time.

It’s not you, It’s Me. 
Translation: Hindi ikaw. Kundi ako. (hindi na ikaw, may iba na.)
Thoughts: This is a common phrase (perfect excuse) of an arguing couple that often leads to breakup (or the other way of saying that you are not the cause of the breakup but they'd rather leave than stay) Upon watching the movie, i suddenly realize that it was such a very lame excuse for someone to say who just wants to be out of the relationshit. A pathetic alibi. Well, it could be totally reasonable in some way, but most of the times, it's just like admitting one's mistake then silently rejecting the other person in a sweet way. 

 Itodo mo na…HOY! 
Translation: Hey you! Give it your best shot!
Thoughts: In life, we do get scared to take risks because we've been hurted so much before or maybe we're just too afraid to accept failures. But oftentimes, when love struck us, all of sudden we give everything we can offer. We don't care if there's nothing left to us, we just give all our best to be atleast enough for the person we love, And oh my, that's partly being stupid. What's more insane is that, it makes us happy. No doubt with that. 

Mahal mo nga, e mahal ka ba?
Translation: You love him, but does he love you back?
Thoughts: Unrequited love exist - it grows in the heart of anyone in the most unexpected time. A wretched feeling of loving someone who doesn't feel the same way. It's just too painful to bear but still your heart wont stop. You cant do anything about it, you just have to do everything to be worth it and be lovable in return. Indeed, Love does makes any person an awesome tanga

Pinapatawad na kita kahit di ka humihingi ng tawad sa akin. 
Translation: I have already forgiven you even if you didn't asked for it.
Thoughts: To love a person is to forgive them always and accept them over and over again. Why? Because that's the magic of love. You lose your brain, you become tanga but you just don't mind coz what's more important to you is the person and not the mistakes. So you forgive even if it's not yours to do, you'd let it all pass than to lose the person. Seriously harsh.

Kumokota ka na sa pagkatanga sa pag-ibig. 
Translation: You have already reached the limit of being fool in love.
Thoughts: Love is being foolish together and sometimes we never care if we've gone beyond our limits. We just love. 

Mahal kita. Okay. Pero slight lang. Yata.
Translation: I love you. Okay. Slight..maybe?
Thoughts: How do you know when you really love someone? Sometimes, people get blinded by sudden infatuation with someone that they often mistaken it as love. Or maybe, making themselves believe it is love because it's the bridge to getting everything they want. Like the person is beneficial to them so they hang out as long as they can and convince each other that what they have is that thing called Love. Even when it's too clear that it's not. Yet sometimes, it doesn't really matter - as long as the person tells you that magic word and you're totally fine with it (feel it or not enough) then just carry on being a tanga until such time you'll realize it's all a waste.  

Ngayon lang ako nagmahal ng ganito, ngayon lang ako nasaktan ng ganito, ngayon lang.. 
Translation: It’s only now that I’ve loved like this. It's only now I've been in too much pain. Only now.
Thoughts: There will come a time in our life when we will love a person like we've never felt before. It is a sure feeling and we get drowned by all of the overflowing emotions. Yet suddenly, the person we thought that is the rightest one for us doesn't think that we are the one for they leave us and we get tortured by the excruciating pain that seems so endless. 

Okay lang magpakatanga sa tamang tao. 
Translation: It's okay to be foolish for the right person.
Thoughts: It’s okay to give everything to the person who will do the same for you..and/or who, you are sure enough that won't waste the love and devotion you will shower them. 

Wala namang magbibilang kung ilang beses ka nagpakatanga di ba? 
Translation: No one will count how many times you’ve been foolish, right?
Thoughts: Reassuring yourself that it's okay to be stupid, that no one is looking even how many times you fall in love and failed over again. It's pathetic. Yet just like they say, those wrong ones are simply "stop-overs" in our journey before we finally meet the rightest one for us. Unfair eh?

Darating din yung tao na di ka iiwan. Di ka ipagpapalit. Yung sayo pa rin babalik. Siyempre magkakamali ka at mag-aaway kayo pero nandiyan lang siya para sayo. 
Translation: Eventually, there will be a person that won't leave you and won't replace you for anyone else. The one who will always come back to you. Of course, you will make mistakes. You will fight with each other, but that person will always be there for you.
Thoughts: Don’t settle for wrong love. Seriously, don't force yourself to be in another wrong relationshit just because youre sad and lonely. It's unfair. It's like setting yourself in a trap. Learn to wait a little longer. That magical moment will come. You will find the rightest person who will see your worth and will stay with you for always. 

OO NA! AKO NA! AKO NA ANG MAG-ISA! Ako na ang martir. 
Translation: Yeah right! It's me! I’m forever alone. I’m the masochistic.

Thoughts: When we get our hearts broken, we feel that every part of ourselves is broken too. We pity ourselves and endless questions continuously float in our minds. It's saddening to be left alone by the people whom we love so much. We even reach to the point where we drowned ourselves in too much stupidity just to make them stay. We let our love for them rule over our life that when they suddenly leave us, we end up shattered into million pieces. The emptiness inside is killing us slowly until we become numb and live in total misery. 
Forever alone. That goes in your head always and you already believed that. The saddest part is when someone comes along, it will be hard for you to accept them because you see that they will also leave you in the end. Yet still it wont hurt to spare a piece of hope that somehow, someday things will get all better and the one meant for you will magically appear in the most unexpected moment of your life. The one who won't want to leave your side, the one who'll be more scared to lose you. The one who will love you for who you are and will wholeheartedly accept you for who you are not. The one that God is preparing for you. Do all what it takes..even if it means waiting for that ONE. Patience, my child.

My Review for EOP

"ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE", a lighthearted comedy romance movie entry for the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival. The usual Pinoy love cliches that surely anyone can relate with. This movie will undeniably touch your heart especially with the laughable bittersweet hugot lines.

With the well executed story, Tere Madlansacay's vivacious character and Julian Parker's cuteness as he familiarize with the Filipino jargon, this movie truly deserve the awards they've won in the MMFF Awards Night. A movie with a simple story line yet very well-performed that made it all the way up to success. Kudos to all the cast and most especially to the director, Dan Villegas.

 Looking forward for more films like this - simple yet eminently winsome. 

My Final Thoughts (Love Lessons) 
Overall, the movie tells us the reality about finding love in the most unexpected moment of our lives. Sometimes, we get too blinded with people whom we love but doesn't love us back in the same degree, believing that they are the only right ones for us. We insist and we do everything just to let them stay but in the end, they always leave us for the one they love..for the one they think they deserve.

It clearly states that there's no point in looking back over a failed relationship. We need to stop dwelling in the past, it can never be changed no matter how you try to. We can only learn from it. Some exes are worth waiting for and worth going back for but most of them doesn't deserve a second chance of romance. No matter how deep the feelings you may have for them, either bury it deeper or try harder to get rid of it. Well, still, case to case basis. There may be few exes that is worth for a second chance but still, we don't have to spend our life waiting for them to be back in our life. What's meant to be will always finds it way. What's not meant to be had already found someone else. muhaha!

So .. there goes LOVE. It's stupid. It makes us foolish. It gives us our own version of tangang tangang tanga talaga moments. We can't deny to ourselves that once in our life we've tried so hard just to be more than enough for the person we love too much that we almost forgot our own value. We become idiots in love, just like Julian Parker and Tere Madlansacay.

Bottomline: Don't waste an opportunity, just because you're afraid or it didn't work out in the past..Sayang!.

so pano..Kita-kits Beh! 

Love is something worth looking for, worth waiting for and worth keeping forever.

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