Sunday, January 18, 2015

Papal Visit 2015: Viva il Papa Francis!

MANILA, Philippines - Pope Francis is now in the Philippines for his historic state and apostolic visit. The plane carrying Pope Francis arrived at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City at 5:32 p.m. The Pope just came from his two-day visit to Sri Lanka. 
Before stepping out of the plane, the Pope was seen peering out of his window several times as the crowd cheered excitedly.  The pope was all smiles while waving on top of the jet's steps even if the wind blew away his skullcap. 
"Our nation is honored to welcome His Holiness Pope Francis as he joins the Filipino people for an apostolic visit," Aquino said in a statement ahead of the pontiff's arrival. "This is a momentous occasion for us. We shall be in the presence of the Vicar of Christ, a man who leads the Catholic Church along the path of mercy and compassion." -Philstar

An overwhelming, enormous crowd waiting at Ayala Bridge
It's such a very great feeling! I was so overwhelmed with emotions. So blessed to have been part of this wonderful experience.
His mobile car passed by swiftly fast in a split of a second yet the indescribable feeling remains...

Click to watch the live-stream of the PAPAL VISIT 2015 events 
credits: from RAPPLER

Holy Father you are our sunshine amidst the rain, the sunrise of smiles for us Filipinos. Your typhoon-proof Love warms all our hearts. You had brought us endless joy and sublime hope. You had brought us Jesus. Help us Holy Father, to light the world with mercy and compassion.

Every Filipino wants to come with you.. To come with you where there is a need of light. To keep the flame burning and spread God's everlasting love. 

We love you Pope Francis! We will miss you!!!


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