Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Blues

This month is okay. 
Not great, not horrible.. just okay.

Looking back few years ago when i started this monthly blogging thing, my only purpose was to keep my blog updated. Little did i know that i was leaving a trail of detailed moments (or not-much-detailed-like-it's-read-between-the-lines) and that it actually amazed me when I happen to back-read some of it.

As for today and maybe always, it's not surprising at all when some things doesn't seem to fall into place. I mean, it's not that it's more than expected to happen, but i guess the level of disappointment is just quite low. So far so good, I've learned how to be thankful even with those things that hurted me the most. And even when i know i cant have it all back, i'm still gratified for the memories left with me.

Btw, as they promised three weeks after i decided to discontinue my postpaid account, I finally receive their final closure with me. It's probably the last loveletter (billing) i'm gonna have. Also, not to mention that it's the only closure that isn't heartbreaking at all. So, that's quite a happy ending and so looking forward to new beginnings out there. I'm really kinda lazy to tell more about how this month has been so just let me share some of my summer hauls.

Prettifying thingys. I love Etude House very much.
 Just some books I got on sale. And that Maybelline's SuperFresh powder is definitely good. I'm actually thinking of giving a review for it some other time.
 I took this shot from the window outside my room. 
I am really fond of clouds and sky..aren't I?
So even when some feelings aren't fading yet, my life is definitely slowly changing. I can't wish for anything more but for whatever is meant to happen, so be it, May. (please be good to me!)

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