Monday, May 16, 2016

#366DayswithMaria: May

122/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz you have that luck in you..with anything..almost everything. Sometimes you just have to try it'll work, take risks, and believe it's possibly obtainable. 🍀

123/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

The truth is you cant always be good for someone or pretty in the eyes of others and you cant simply please everyone else.. but then the funny thing is you can, you will always be the best and the prettiest in the eyes of those people who truly love you. They will see the good and bad but still want you anyway. You can be enough for them just like they are to you and i guess thats more than enough --- to love and be loved unconditionally. 💖

124/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz there's a lot of scary things and frightful situations that are happening in this world -- but you dont have to be afraid all the time. Choose to be brave so fears wont get the best of you. 👻👻👻👻👻 👻👻 (A lil goosebumps might be reasonable tho. 👀✌)

125/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz some days, we do have that "Me-Myself-and-i" moment. Whether in good or not-so-good state, to be split in imaginary three surely will make you feel less alone. Ayt? 👍

126/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz it does really happen -- no matter how long the time that some dont communicate or even see each other very often, their love wont fade and the connection will never ever be lost.

127/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz the "right time" for everyone will come, where dreams will come true and all the hardwork will pay off. For whatever it is one is struggling with, no matter how steep or how plenty the obstacles along the way, look up and just keep going. Aja! 💪👀

128/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz every one needs a rest. To deserves a day where there wont be any problems to confront and no solutions to search for. Just to take a day away from all the cares and pains, to just relax and feel thankful for all the little blessings. ⛅

129/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"Without you there would be no me.
I am everything reflected in your eyes.
I am everything approved by your smile.
I am everything born of your guidance.
I am me only because of you."

i 💖 u mom 😙
 130/366 🌻 #writefulthought
Coz there's a special value attached to things that come and happen when you least expect it. 😻

A huge thanks to Mr. Mar Verdan (@mar_verdan) for this very wonderful artsy face doodle. Yey! Im totally surprised the moment i saw this and soooo touched by the thought of idea, time and effort he put into this artwork. I really appreciate it!!! Im forever thankful Kuia Mar! 😙👍😎👆 youre so creatively amazing po! 👍 as in!

 131/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz there's only One who can listen to us endlessly, who hears our heart's wishes even at times when we barely say a word. The one who can see the pain behind our smiles, the tears in our eyes and bruises in our bodies. The one who knew everything -- no matter how we try to hide and conceal our emotions. The one who never forgets us even when sometimes we only remember to call in times of dire need. The one who dont give what we want but let us have what is best that we truly deserve. The one who is everywhere to protect us from harm. ..HIM.

132/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, its not being alone. Its feeling lonely even in the midst of a crowd.

133/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Hold on to whatever that makes your life special. 😽

134/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Think about the things that make you happy. And if there's some that doesn't, fear not to change one small thing at a time and be open to learning as you go.


135/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, you dont have to feel nor react to everything. Its best to practice not to care all the time. (the happier you'll be!)

136/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, what you see is different from how others view it.

137/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz there are these times when you surprise yourself with your own courage. How you did manage to survive every obstacles in life and that you always come out stronger than before. 💪👀 Aja!

138/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Maybe sometimes, what youre looking for, suddenly comes and appears when you aren't looking. 😻

Just like this cat hanky i found while i was waiting for my sister at the mall.

 139/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz happiness is real when shared. 💛

140/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Make each day happy and worthwhile. 💖

 141/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Challenge yourself to try something new, do things you haven't done before, whatever it is -- whether big or small, what matters is you enjoy and learn from that experience. 💖

#FirstLasagnaAttempt w/ @anma016 yey! Salamuch sa napakasipag kong chef 😙 more #anmafoodies pa 👫

142/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, most people would rather consider their right to choose which ones to say and what those not to tell than exposing all the details you mostly DESERVE to know. 💔

Unfortunately, they aren't even aware that it would be so unfair for both. 😑

143/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz sometimes, fears are there to let you know that something is worth it.. that it makes you feel so scared coz you might not succeed and just end up failing it.

144/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Dont dwell on anything that only saddens you. Dont stay if you needed to go. Dont try to save if its already lost. Coz really, sometimes, you just need to exit wherever, whatever it is you are in. Breathe. Keep calm and alt F4 💪

145/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, you get that feeling when it seemed like youre all alone in the midst of a busy crowd and suddenly feel and see that youre obviously on your own. 🙊

We all are.

146/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz anyone can smile on their best days. It takes one to be strong enough to smile even on their worst times.

147/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz they say, "rain is a cloud- falling apart, and pouring its shattered pieces down on earth" ☔

So i guess thats why some people feel less alone whenever it rains. Coz its probably good to know that they're not the only ones that fall apart, that other things in nature can shatter, too. 💧

148/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, its best to enjoy wherever life takes you, endure everything it gives you and survive each passing day as it all comes into a right sequence, that surely has wonderful (maybe sometimes, terrifying) surprises along the way. 👀

Aja! 💪

 149/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz yeah even when truth hurts, we all deserve to know what should be really known - the real facts, ofcourse and not those that are altered and rephrased into different versions just to make it seem justified. 😑

150/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, it helps a lot to have something to look forward and/or someone to hold on to, for us to be a little less scared to fail and a little more braver to succeed.

151/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz love exists not in what is seen and remembered, but mostly in what is felt and never forgotten. 💕 😻

152/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz no matter how hard life is, hang on and keep fighting. k? 👀

Aja aja hwaiting! 💪

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