Monday, May 29, 2017

ColorManila: A RUNderful Experience

"We bring out the real fun in the “fun” run, through a color festival.We are the paintbrushes, and You are the Paint. We carry the palette but You make your own Strokes. You become the human Canvas, We literally bring out your most energetic and happiest hue." - ColorManila

OMG..This is it!  I've always wanted to join a fun-run and honestly it took me a while to make it happen, Wondering why? I might just tell about the 13 reasons why my life ended..and more specifically why it started to begin again..coming soon on my future post.. But hey, i'm not Hannah Baker.. k? Haha. Definitely yes, it has been truly a rough time for me but somehow it just made me stronger.  So.. here i am now — exerting myself to the fullest within my limits. Turning my can'ts into cans and dreams into plans is never too late — for anything. Right?

Finally, I registered to this Blacklight Run, my first solo funrun and night run experience. Yey! I choose the 10K Deluxe which includes the dri-fit shirt, racebib, headlamp, finisher medal and few treats such as baggage locker, hydration, color packet and sketchers discount stub.  Now, what am I thinking? The first thing that came into my mind about a night run is that because its running at night time so that means less sweating and so that's a relief coz I don't have to worry much looking so haggard during and after the run. HAHA. I've already had my things ready a week before the event and the day before the run, I'm really feeling soooo nervous and excited at the same time. Goooooodluck to me!

But wait. There had been a few issues regarding the pickup of race kits. I choose the May 23 for my pick up date but a few days before the event, ColorManila surprised everyone with their FREE DELIVERY of race kits. How cool is that?! Most of the participants were upset but I was one of the few who become really happy about it because I don't need to go all the way to Alabang just to claim my kit. But unfortunately, things didn't turn out as expected. My RK (race kit) wasn't delivered to me on time, actually upon reading the disappointed comments of everyone regarding that free delivery, i guess almost all the RK's were not delivered as promised.  >__<

So on the event day, I came early to claim my RK at Festival Mall in Alabang. I got mine around 3pm, stayed for a bit at the mall then went to the event area at Filinvest City.

It's such a looooong walk from Festival Mall to get here. I feel like I had my 10k run in advance already. HAHA.

They are still setting up the venue and I was like "How long do I have to wait here?" Event starts at 8pm but its just 4pm at this time. I'm so excited so I don't wanna be late but I guess I'm way too early. uh oh..

But anyway, the good thing about being an early cat is that I had a lot of time to take pictures and selfies, but of course I won't post them all. HAHA.

Waiting feels like forever! I got bored taking selfies (impossible right? haha) and I feel a bit hungry so I decided to go back to Vivere Hotel and had a japanice time at Jinsei Sushi Bar.

Around 7pm, I went back to the venue and it's a happy sight to see people coming from everywhere.

Rain and shine!

The event was totally lit! Everyone enjoyed even we were all drenched in the rain. The whole field turned into a muddy space and yes as in putik that covered everyone else' shoes.  And to walk around the place became an instant obstacle course for everyone. I'm very careful with every step coz I don't wanna get caught up in a dive-in-the-mud scene. HAHA. It was truly a one of a kind experience! 

I went home feeling sooooooooo tired but yes very happy! Thankful to be a part of this wonderful event. Everything that happened this night was priceless — the fun under the nonstop rain, the extraordinary mud run party, how upsetting it was at first (looking at my shoes covered in mud and soaking wet by rain and sweat haha) but it turned out to be the best night run experience ever.

And through the darkness with a sight full of's really beautiful to look at.,isn't it? but what's more surprising is that these colors in the dark gives light and yes, something called..HOPE.

A hike run or a muddy wet run, whatever everyone may call it, it only mean one thing — it's RUNderful! 

              Thank you, ColorManila 

Cheers to more funruns ahead and a lot of new things to experience as well as places to wander around.  ❤

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