Sunday, April 1, 2018

愛してるよ Tokyo Disneyland

Hi everyone! Its been a long while since the last time I posted something here. How i miss blogging! Actually there's a lot of things I wanna share but I've been really busy for this past few months, and yas the next thing I knew was that I'm here in Japaaaaaan!
Like, owemgeeee! I've been to one of my dream destination, it happened for real! I've been really dreaming of going to Disneyland one day, and that 'one day' came.
I'm pinching myself a lot..HAHAHA! This is sooooo happening!

Hello Mickey!

I'm here!

Had brunch before anything else. Yaaaaaa I love te Mickey egg. I ordered beef patty, soup and rice. The patty looks weird to me, yaaaa but it did tasted delicious.

The Happiness Parade indeed made my heart very happy!!!!!
The weather is fine when we arrived in the morning but it became icy cold in the afternoon, as in very very cold that I can barely move huhu. It's a good thing that the shops has heaters, so its a bit warm inside (but still freezing! -__- )
 Had snacks before going back to our place. So yummy..yet so pricey HAHAHAHA!
Omooooo! oppas in sight. hihihihi
Ai shiteru Tokyo Disneyland!
'Dreams do come true.'

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