Sunday, November 24, 2019

Hundred Islands 2019

Hello everyone! How's life? I hope you're all doing fine. It's been a while since I posted my travels, and believe me they've been all stuck in my camera and I don't know when will I ever get the time to share them all.  But here I am trying, at least. Hahaha!

I've been to Hundred Islands last 2011 and when I was invited to join a tour last summer of this year, I gladly said YES of course. Visiting it for the second time would be really fun, and I can compare the "then and now" of the place, plus the thrill of it all.

So come on, let's go to the place where there's no subtraction - ALAMINOS! ^__^ (hihi #excusemeforbeingcorny)

I always bring them during long trips since sleeping is lifest and I want to be comfy hihi. Mewchi, my pillow and Meowikun, my hugger. Yas, it may be weird but I do name my pillows, and all my other stuff toys have their names, too. Hihi. Saaaaahreeee.

We didnt go too early, but we were at the Hundred Islands park at around 6:00 AM. We start sailing at nearly 8:00 AM already, so yeah nvm. My first visit here, we went early as 5:30 AM, which is really a good time because you can catch the sunrise while in the middle of the ocean, that's amazing right? So if you're wondering, it's best to go as early as you all can.

Leaving the port. Yay!

Meow on board! The Turtle and the Cat. yiiiii.

During the boat ride, i have this silly thought that what if there's a shark or sea monsters down there, what if they drag me out of the boat? 🤤 Or what if I fell into the water and suddenly became a mermaid? 😆 All the crazy thoughts I had, blame those scary shark movies/fantasy series I've watched. Hihi. Also, that sinking feeling gets to me whenever there's strong waves that's why I didn't dare to remove the life vest. But of course, I act brave from the outside (and kept the panic attacks inside)

Honestly, My real thought was, "Will I ever come back alive?"
 Coz the boat ride hours are kinda terrifying for me but at the same time super awesome! 

Thankful that it was a hot sunny day during our island hopping. We were able to visit 11 islands ( Pilgrimage / Scout / Governor / Romulo / Bat / Turtle / Children's / Marcos / Cuenco / Lopez / Quezon Island )

Sad that there are no bats in Bat island anymore and no one knows why they've disappeared.

Sabi ko, 'Bat wala na? Bat why?' They kinda get the joke and we all laughed a bit.

Then I got curious, I asked the boater if its possible to visit all the 123/124 islands ( like I wanna try 😁) and he said, it would take more than a week or maybe a month depending on the type of boat and weather, to visit and enjoy the rest of the islands. 🙄 ~ Btw, the Pilgrimage Island as one of the newly developed island is a must-visit. ~

My most favorite part of the tour is the snorkeling! Yiiii. I saw a lot of fishes swimming around me and I really super enjoyed it 😍 excuse the weird face~

 Our last stop was here at Quezon Island.

Ever experienced fishing for your own seafood meal? Omo! I did! and its really amazing seeing them alive before they become food. HAHAHAHA.

Originally, 1000++ photos and magically, sharing just a few hahaha! IKR. It will all be too much, hihi.

 I like paths that lead to no certain end, that keeps me wondering where I am.

Sometimes we wander to find ourselves rather than to find places.

 At Island Tropic, the same hotel I stayed in last 2011. And so far, it still looks the same as before except for this cool signage. hihi. Yas! Brings back old memories!

 Their pancit is really delicious! Or maybe because I was too hungry already HAHA.

Mr. Crab says hello to all of you!

Went to the market in the afternoon and tadaaaaa!

I must say, a lot has changed and has been improved - miniature islands at the park, spacious carpark, boat booking office, water sport activities and rentals, rest houses and picnic huts in the major islands. Hooray for that! 👏

Got plenty of vitamin sea! Yay!
Thank you for the good times and tan lines, 100 i.

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