Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beauty tip # 4: Eggwhite facial mask♥

hmmm heres a same old brand new way of beautifying your face..EGG WHITES!
For those who dont know..YES! eggwhites can be used as your natural facial mask..

What you'll need:

1 Egg (more than enough for a face)
your fingers to rub it in your face 8-)

Then separate the egg yolk to the egg whites. you can fry the egg yolk hah if you want then you can use the white sticky stuff.. clean up your face first then start putting a little amount of the eggwhites on your face.. rub it and when you already cover your whole face (be sure to close your eyes when you put this eggwhites near your eyes) Let it stand for about 30mins.. you can feel that as it drys  off it tightens.. and its very important that you dont talk, smile or laugh coz it will just add to those ugly lines on your face.. just a reminder.

I also do this treatment for several times before and i always hide when i put this eggwhites coz when my sister or my mom knows that ill be putting it on my face they wil just make me laugh hard that will ruin my mask.. hahaha..

NOTE: dont do this everyday, at least just once a week.. Not recommended for people with be safe.


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