Saturday, October 3, 2009

Html format codes

<p></p> -->Creates a new paragraph
<p align="left"> -->Aligns a paragraph to the left (default), right, or center.
<br /> -->Inserts a line break
<blockquote></blockquote> -->Indents text from both sides
<dl></dl> -->Creates a definition list
<dt> -->Precedes each definition term
<dd> -->Precedes each definition
<ol></ol> -->Creates a numbered list
<li></li> -->Precedes each list item, and adds a number
<ul></ul> -->Creates a bulleted list
<div align="left"> -->A generic tag used to format large blocks of HTML, also used for stylesheets
<img src="name"> -->Adds an image
<img src="name" align="left"> -->Aligns an image: left, right, center; bottom, top, middle
<img src="name" border="1"> -->Sets size of border around an image
<hr /> -->Inserts a horizontal rule
<hr size="3" /> -->Sets size (height) of rule
<hr width="80%" /> -->Sets width of rule, in percentage or absolute value
<hr noshade /> -->Creates a rule without a shadow

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