Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well i feel really unlucky for sleeping around 5am then waking up at near 10 am then i was doing some bead crafts and it really annoys me that the beads wont stick to each other. I try to use glue, glustick then double sided tape anything i had at home..then i wen to the back saw the vulcaseal (i know its for woods and housing needs) duh! i dont mind as long as i know its sticky i should at least try then lastly i used rugby..whew finally it stick a bit though not to much, atleast! Then after that im doin some personalized journals its a mini journal (ohh yea personalization of stuffs is really skin deep to me i always want to give personal handmade crafts by me for my loved ones) Well that mini journal i was making i made a list then print it out cut it in the size that will fit my journal wheew i used photopaper coz theres no other paper i had here only black paper..grrr! so there i still had to do it. since its small and the photopaper makes it really bulky, it give in! hahaha so i made some remedys weee atleast i still made it look nice hehe. I dont have pics of this said journal and bead crafts(to laazy to take a pic haha) then! after that i rested for a while then had a one hr bath weee then why do i feel lucky? Secret!! hahaha thats all folks. xoxo

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