Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beauty Tip # 14: Secret of a Shiny Hair

Ever dreamed of having a noticeable shiny hair? There are lots of hair treatment products in the market that can let us care for our hair but it can lead also our hair prone to breakage and dryness due to harmful chemicals   Well, doing it on a natural way all you need is vinegar as the main ingredient. Smells eewww, yeah but it does work..interested?  here's how.


1/4 cup vinegar
1/2 bucket of water
1 egg yolk

Mix all in a small bowl and apply to hair for about an hour. You can put a shower cap or leave it as is. This will give a good shine to your hair. You can do this twice a month or as desired.


 The Vinegar will help remove residue thats left on your scalp from shampoos, conditioners and hair products.  it will also cleanse your scalp and help heal any scratches you've made wth your fingernails.  This homemade treatment will also restore the natural ph balance to your hair and scalp.

Vinegar may loosen waves and curls if you have a perm, though, so be careful.

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