Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wee just wanna share whats on my wish list..
- trip to Baguio with hotel accomodation in BAguio’s finest hotel
DEMANDING haha hay sana the next tym magplan aq for baguio matuloy na..hmmp
- Sony Ericsson C510
im not that much wanting whats latest when it comes to phones yet since then i really like this unit.
- Motorola L7i
well this was the very first unit i really want before pa haha
- Body FAntasies Parfum APPLE
its hard to find it, laging out of stock un apple i need to go to US to but this hehe
- Turtle Stuff Toys Collection
Big or small, hard or doesnt matter basta its given from the heart and something colorful hehe..
- Web designing and development course in any accredited computer school
hmm want to know more and enhance my capabilities to do better web designing.
thats all for now.
I really dont need or expect to accept gifts but then if theres something you’d like to give me on my beeday, WHY NOT????? LOL =D


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