Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feast of the Black Nazarene

 Left the house around 10:00am, arrived Quiapo around 11:00am.. Huge crowd, as expected. The bad thing is that they keep on pushing those people in front them(Yeah i was pushed..aww it hurts.) and smelly sweats is more than expected. hahaha. The good thing about that pushing is we reached the church by just going with the flow of the people..we didnt walked that much..actually you dont have to hehehehe its goes through different directions but in the end we made it through inside the church...Btw, we bought Nazarene handkerchiefs..and upon walking near the church there was a vendor selling Nazarene items, and i think no one is buying from her yet..she shouted at the people: "Minsan lang to sa isang taon ayaw niyo pang bumili!!!" I cant help but laugh a little. Yeah, it was true its happens once in a year so atleast make the most of that moment..right? But shouting like that i thinks its quite not right. awwww. 
 The altar was very beautiful..The priest was so surprised on how the people in Quiapo celebrate the feast of the Black Nazarene. (the priest was from another place, dunno where) I mean i guess he was specifically talking about the "crowd" It was really a great miracle that different kinds of people from other places are united together in this very holy occasion. All i can say is WOW. That moment was overwhelming..and i wont miss it again next year,

God Bless Us All!

After that, i went to SM to meet someone, starbucks mode, had coffee of course. chitchats and then go home. Well..ughhh i dont know. End of story, haha.

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