Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was feeling bored and I came across this job ads and it caught my attention..I contacted the person and luckily she answered me back inviting me for an exam and initial interview..It was my first job interview for 2011..yeah i was nervous of course. I came early as 8:30am..oh btw, it was somewhere in Ortigas. That was my visitor pass on the left and being number 02 i was early weeee. 
The exam went well as well as with the initial and final interview. It was a one-day processing so at least its a time saver for all the job applicants. After the initial interview, i was hesitant  of whats gonna happen on the final interview..well, unexpectedly, i got hired. They asked me to go back the next day for the orientation. Theres just this one big problem. Because i wasn't hired for the position im applying for. I realized then that it was some sort of a networking or better yet an Insurance company or something.  One more thing is they are asking the hired applicants to pay for a fee..whoa, one applicant told me: "hindi ba dapat they wont let us pay anything bukod sa medical and requirements, bakit sila naniningil?" I said: "yeah, ganun nga. so ppunta ka ba sa orientation tomorrow?" She answered back: "Hindi siguro. hahaha." As soon as i get home, i checked the company's background and we were right it was an insurance company. I decided not to attend the orientation for reasons that i wasnt hired for the position i am applying for and that i read some complains about that said company. I was hired and i didnt accept the job but i wasnt disappointed at all. That was something  i can call: "charge to experience"

It was fun though. There was this girl who was being called for interview but it seem she doesnt know her name hehehe, i think she was thinking of something or was nervous. The secretary said: "Kanina pa kita tinatawag anjan ka lang pala." There was also this guy in the examination room who doesnt have a ballpen he needs to wait for the other applicants to finish so he can borrow..aww haha. (I want to be kind but i only have one ballpen)

Looking back, years ago at my very first interviews, i was a happy-go-lucky girl that is not sure serious in applying hahaha. Heres what happened as what i can remember: It was somewhere in Makati naman, I ride a taxi since i didnt know the place, i was so late that time and never got the chance to go to the restroom..well i look okay naman but it was always part of a girl's routine right? So there, i was in the examination room and i realized i dont have a ballpen, i wasnt prepared i admit haha. What i did was i borrowed a pen to the one in charge. I was so ashamed awww. Well the exams went well. Then there goes the interview, in the middle of the conversation, my phone rang. aww! i forgot to switch it to silent mode hahaha. i was totally embarassed and laughing at myself, i was a total pasaway, i know. I wasnt hired, asa pa ko haha. But i was referred naman to La Salle Antipolo but i didnt go through it. weeee.

One more memorable experience i had is when i was still a student, i applied for a part-time job at Toy Kingdom, actually my friend just invited me..trip lang, i wasnt even in formal attire, just that usual jeans and shirt i use to wear haha. There was no exam, just interview. When it was my turn, the interviewer was kind, she asked me everything about the resume and some personal questions. I think i made the interviewer cry when i told her about my life background (that my dad left us etc etc) I didnt make "paawa effect" i just told her what she asked me to. I can see the interviewer teary-eyed. OMG! what did i do? haha natatawa ako na naconfused. Hehe She interviewed me for more than 30 minutes. She hired me and ask me to complete the requirements. I didnt. I realized i didnt want the color of the uniform. hahahaha. Im so bad. weeee. I regret it a bit. sayang din kasi un effort ko but then okay lang din since i was busy din with school that time. I never expected din nmn that i will be hired,. hahaha.

So thats all. I had my target job now and im praying and wishing hard to get it. Wish me lots of luck!

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