Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: Take a leap to the unknown

I've been looking forward to this year..New life, a better me.

Looking back, 2010 has been a hard year for me and my family. I do have happy memories here like the time i fly away to Cayman Islands,, i think thats the most unforgettable happiest moment i had, Thus, this was also a very sad year, my lola and uncle has been taken away from us just months in between. Up to this time, it was still unbelievable, i mean i accept reality  but it just never sinked in my mind that they are gone, that we cant be all together again..just like we were before. the old times where at least we can be called a family.

Well, i know life must go on. And this year, i can feel that im learning to accept and understand things as they are. God made me realize things cant be if its not meant to be and i can feel His love is changing me into a more better person. Im not that religious, i dont go to church as always, i dont pray that much, the only thing i had is that faith i know that God knows better whats best for me than i do so for this year with all my efforts, im leaving it all to God. I dont know really have a clue but i trust Him.

Talking about horoscope, its says that im a bit lucky this year especially that my birthday falls on 11-11-11. Yeah! im so looking forward to that day. Im thinking about having a debut party-like but its still to be planned. yey! Even when how many problems i had encountered from January 1 up to now, im still not giving up that i know i will be lucky, theres something out there that i know will make me endlessly happy..that it will be sadly never after.

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