Saturday, January 8, 2011

JANUARY, why are you so unfair to me?

arghh..January i wanted to hate you this week is full of unexpected happenings but i was surprise enough that i accepted and understand it i decided to love you anyway. ^_^ Though i admit it was hard, it was confusing and very painful. Life's like that, its either you drown yourself in depression or pull yourself up to go on and succeed..(i choose to pull myself up of course)  I dont want to be sad even when all i really want to do is cry, cry and cry. Tears will make me feel better but it wont bring me luck, it wont make my dreams come for now, and for the months to come crying is just my least priority. Someone told me once that if i wanted something i must believe that it will happen and of course i should make an effort to let it happen.. it motivated me much but then im still stucked coz i dont know when, where, how to start. Awww.

January, you're not that good to me, i hope when February comes, it will be a little more kinder so that my heart can smile again. weeeee.

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